In our country you are not safe even in church. A white man with a gun entered a church in texas and opened fire killing over 20 and injuring more. Already the chorus of our prayers are with you are sent from the president and lawmakers, as if that will do any good

An immigrant runs down people in NYC and all immigrants are to be stopped and the man is an animal and should get the death sentence but a white man with a gun then its just prayers. In fact the texas attorney general went on fox news and said this can all be prevented if people just carry a gun when going to church. The insanity runs deep in our government officials.

How many must die before something is done? Must we all live our lives in fear that our children will be murdered at school, that going to church can mean getting killed and no place is safe no matter where you go? Not sure about anyone else but this is not the way I want to live and my heart is as broken as our country appears to be.

Nothing of course will be done and it will be only days before another mass shooting.



Yesterday a disturbed young man rented a truck and ran down people walking on a pathway and killed several and injured several more. At least 4 that are dead were from other countries who were here to visit.

Of course our president is using this as an excuse to limit immigration and continue his agenda that all muslims are evil and we should limit all immigration. The man immigrated here in 2010 and became a legal citizen which then means he become radicalized once he was here and not before he immigrated here. He came from a country in south asia which was once part of Russia and is not one of the countries on trumps muslim banned countries but that didn’t stop him from saying this was why we need his stupid muslim ban.

The reality is that trumps hateful rhetoric is a big factor in radicalizing people like the man that used his truck as a weapon and even more hate filled rhetoric only plays in making more radical minded people.

Interesting to note that when the man in Las Vegas shot and murdered over 50 and injured 500 the white house response was it’s not proper to politicize this and gun regulations are not needed.

There are no easy solutions to end the threat of terrorism but one factor would help and that it is to stop the rhetoric of hatred – which isn’t going to happen as long as trump and his minions are in control.


It feels as if we should get the popcorn out and settle down to watch the show as the first indictments come out. Of course fox news and the white house are trying to divert the attention to of course Clinton and Obama as if they were president instead of trump.

Is it wrong to be happy to see this finally happening? My only hope is that all of the corrupt administration including any in congress that are involved are all caught and either jailed or relieved of duty.

I am not quite sure how or what would then happen- would we have new elections or ?

Like any good show- keep watching to see how it ends.


Like any 3rd world country, our country is ruled by the very rich with the police and military at their command. The new budget being passed and the tax ‘reform’ package meant to be passed without democrat input is also just like any other 3rd world country.

Look around you and notice how our infrastructure is crumbling and the homeless and poverty is growing- just like any other 3rd world country. Over 50% of our budget goes to defense and the new budget proposed actually puts that amount up to over 60% of the budget and that is also just like a 3rd world country.

We may try kid ourselves but the evidence is all around us and the only hope we have is for people to actually acknowledge the problem and to wake up and vote while we still can.



Growing up I always wondered how Germany fell to Hitler, after all they were intelligent good people. So when Trump started his campaign for president, it all seemed so similar to the reports I had read about Hitler- how he had been laughed at and no one ever thought he would ever be in a position of authority but he did, just like Trump did and just like Hitler did, Trump won with less than 30% of voters.

One thing that stood out to me when I studied that time of Hitler is that less than a third of the people were in thrall to Hitler- one third was active in their resistance but one third stayed quiet. That one third that stayed quiet actually allowed the atrocities to continue and for Hitler to succeed.

Now it seems like history is repeating itself and I ask myself are one third of our country going to stay quiet or will they join with the millions like myself to resist the danger that Trump represents?

Will you stay silent?


Once more the republicans are trying to sell their trickle down fairytale.  What I find so sad is how many ‘stupid’ americans are ready to believe it. Back in the early 1900s they called it the horse and sparrow with the premise that if you feed the horse really good oats then the sparrows can come along and eat from the horses shat. Just another version of todays fairytale that if you give the rich and large corporations  tax breaks they will share their wealth with you and give everyone jobs.

Of course the reality is that it will just enlarge the inequality of wealth and the corporations will just give more to the shareholders and CEO’s and the middle class and poor will not only pay higher taxes but everything we ‘peon’s’ count on like Medicare and government programs for the poor and government agencies like EPA  and transportation and FDA and the list goes on will be severely cut and in some cases will be eliminated. The kicker is that it will raise the deficit by trillions and of course will cut way down on needed revenue so then even more cuts will of course need to be enacted.

When Reagan did his fairytale trickle down and found that of course there was not enough revenue- then taxes were raised on the middle class and that is when they started taxing  social security benefits.

It appears they have the votes needed to pass both the senate and house and of course trump will sign with glee-

Last time we had a businessman and a republican held congress in thrall to the wealthy we saw the stock market crash of 29 and the subsequent great depression. I could see that happening again….


If the flooding in Houston and surrounding areas tell us anything, its that regulations are not only needed but important to have. Most of the newer subdivisions should never been allowed to happen as they sit at or below sea level and on known flood plains.

The chemical factory that today blew up as expected because of lack of ability to keep the needed cooling on should never been placed in a flood zone and NEVER allowed in a residential area.

Texas is known for its lack of regulations and they are now paying the price for that lack. It may take years to get the area back up and running and yet there are no regulations to prevent housing and factories being built up in the exact same places.

Those regulations are needed to keep people safe and at the same time prevent costly problems of rebuilding to a minimum. The storm couldn’t have been prevented but the loss of lives and costly rebuilding could have been avoided if only they had regulations in place.