Not sure about anyone else but I find myself each morning checking all my news sources for the latest installment from our reality show president. It’s like watching a soap opera except we are all the extras in the show and there is no real storyline except for unlimited corruption.

Of course his endless tweets all add to the reality show atmosphere and social media just amplifies his audience. Will we be able to return to normality when this ‘show’ ends or are we to be stuck in reality show mode with twitter the only way for the president to talk?

Problem with this ‘reality show’ is you can’t just turn it off and watch a better program. Hopefully soon, this chapter in our history will end soon and with its demise bring about a new and improved chapter, one that doesn’t include twitter and fox news controlling the story line.

Since we can’t just turn it off, then that means we have to change the channel and elect into office a president and congress that actually want to work for we the people.  So, please everyone lets change the channel.





In case anyone had any doubts that our president loves dictators, the last few weeks have proved his approval and want to emulate  dictators.

First we have him saying that he found it great that the president of China is now president for life and how great it would be for him to be president for life. Next we have him wanting to be like other dictatorships and kill drug dealers and now today we find out that he called to congratulate Putin on his ‘win’ .

Our reality star president would love nothing more than to be a dictator and if had his way he would make it a reality.

Just more reminders why we must resist this administration.


I was wondering the other day just how history will portray this time in history. Then my next thought was if there would be a country to portray as every single day seems to bring us closer to the destruction of our country.

There was another school shooting yesterday with one dead and two severely injured and the presidents reaction was to have a convening of video execs to discus the violence in video games and of course congress sent the obligatory thoughts and prayers. Talk about the real problem of too many guns with too few regulations- no.

Then there is the starting of a trade war started by Trump and the uncertainty that will bring. Of course all the allies and china and Russia are ready to retaliate and yet that seems to not matter to trump or his cult followers

The damage done to every single part of our government by the corrupt unqualified people put in charge of them may not be possible to undue. So, then it brings back the question- what will history.



Its been at least a hundred years since we have seen this level of corruption in our government and in many ways it is much worse now. Never before has a foreign country had the influence that Russia has in our election process and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

We have a president that was in some ways illegally elected and once in office he lost no time in putting in place in all cabinet positions very corrupt very wealthy people who seem intent on destroying their departments.

Everyone sees it and everyone says its a problem but no one seems to have any idea how to fix it. Can we trust voting to fix the problem since we cant be sure they are free of foreign influence?

So, the real question is what can we as people do to fix this?


Another school shooting, this time in florida leaving 17 dead. Of course we hear the ‘mandatory’ prayers and thoughts for the victims but when asked about needed regulations on guns- its the normal – it’s not the right time to discuss this problem.

When will it be time? How many must die before our country decides that the lives of our children are more important than the ‘right’ to own a gun? 4 school shootings since the beginning of the year and its only been 6 weeks.

My heart is broken for the parents and friends and for the families of the teachers that gave their lives to protect their students. I don’t want to hear that teachers should have guns or that gun regulations won’t prevent these tragedies as no other developed country has this happen. In fact for the countries that experienced only one incident of senseless mass shootings there were strict gun buy backs and regulations as to who can even have a gun much less a gun such as was used in florida.

Personally I think it should be harder to buy and use a gun than to drive a car. In florida its easier to buy a gun than vote….

I have no answers because in my mind there shouldn’t even have to be a discussion but instead we have those in congress that say time after time- we send our prayers and thoughts and its not the right time to talk about regulating guns.





Its a new year but with many of the same problems and no end in site. We still have an idiot for president and the most corrupt administration and republican party not seen since the 20s. It would be easy to get depressed at the ongoing chaos this administration has brought to our country.

Its as if in many aspects we have gone back a 100 years with our out of control inequality of wealth and the republican party in control busy destroying as much as they can of regulations and safety net programs. Sadly it appears no one from the president down ever read history or they would know how this will end. Or maybe they have read our history but something think they are immune to the same ending.

Our only hope lies in people waking up and using their anger and depression to fight back against this all out push to destroy our country and enrich their pockets. We can’t give up and if needed we will need to take to the streets. That’s what finally happened in the 30s which is why we gained SS and child labor laws and unions and regulations to protect we the people from corporate and personal greed.

So don’t give up and keep resisting. Peace and happy new year



Hi everyone and hope you had a good thanksgiving spent with family and friends. I am blessed and spent yesterday with my 2 oldest daughters and 7 of my grandchildren. As we ate dinner I couldn’t help but think of the millions in our country that not only didn’t have a bountiful spread of food but no home to spend the day in.

We live in the worlds wealthiest country and yet like any 3rd world country we have millions that are homeless and hungry and without access to medical care. How did this happen? The tax scam now going through congress is an example of how this happened and it started with Reagan and his the government is bad and rich people need more money and has only escalated through the decades until now.

If we want a country that values its most valuable resource (we the people) then we have to start with remembering that we the people are the government and we created the government to ensure that we the people and our country all have what we need to continue to be a country. We need to remember that the richest few and largest corporations only exist because of we the people and our countries infrastructure and natural resources. We need to recognize that when millions are homeless, hungry and ill and when our infrastructure is crumbling and our natural resources destroyed then our country will not continue. So get out there and be an activist for our country and for yourself and your family and most important-vote.

When people ask me what i would eliminate in our world, my answer is always to rid our world of greed.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope that you will be the activist needed to save our country for the generations to come.