We are watching Trump and the party he represents, run a campaign based on fear and hatred of ‘others’. Whether its fear of illegal immigrants, legal immigrants,fear of other races, the poor and the elderly, disabled and of  course muslims- the end result is the same. Working up the ill informed masses to get their vote, while those same masses seem to be so lowly educated that they are incapable of telling the falsehoods from truth. This phenomenon isn’t confined to our country- look at brexit in the UK-the exact same kind of campaign based on fear and hatred won- the right wing extremists are globally flexing their muscles and sadly there are many following them.

I always wondered growing up how did germany fall victim to hitler  Italy for Mussolini and russia with Stalin  now i am watching this happen here. If you know your history then you know that unless we act as a society and come out against the politics of fear and hatred, then it will lead to world wars, depressions and loss of life and possibly the end of our known civilization. That means not being quiet and voting and actually standing up for what is right. Don’t let fear win- how does that saying go- the only thing we have to fear is fear itself

I think that there are enough sane adults in our country that we will vote down the calls to base our politics on fear and have the capability of turning our country back into one governed for the people by the people. We do that by electing people who actually know how the government works, wants to work for the government and who believe the needs of the people far outweigh the needs of private business. Be engaged in the process and if you want- do like I have and join the  Sanders political revolution for change movement.

Peace and hope all are able to stay cool and dry depending on where you are in the world.



Perhaps it should come as no surprise that a ‘reality star’ would use a tabloid style for his campaign. Of course he couldn’t have pulled this off without the complicit help of our corporate owned media. Last I read there was over 2 million dollars of free airtime to Trump, so far.

Whats sad is that  even the democrat campaign has shifted to a style more tabloid and splashy then a normal campaign season. Is it any wonder that the whole world is laughing at us and at the same time horrified?

I read where China is using the rise of trump and his trumpetts as a reason why democratic voting does not work. In essence they said that if american voters are so stupid as to vote for this man, then allowing open voting is a bad thing.

Foreign leaders are watching all of this and wondering if they can trust our country and if Trump were to be elected, they fear the consequences to the global community.

My question is- how do we stop this? How do we take back our political process and make it once more a normal give and take between the candidates running for office? I, myself think a good start would be to take all money out of campaigns and allow no contributions from anyone and be public funded. Also we need to re-instate the fairness doctrine and overturn the supreme court ruling which made it legal for political candidates to lie. We also need to break up the monopoly holding our media- 95% of all our media is owned by only 6 mega corporations. I always laugh when someone calls our mainstream media liberal or conservative because in reality our media is but a tool used by corporate interests to further their own interests.

I voted in our primary and hope everyone else also did. Of course I will vote in the election but am concerned at the many that will not be allowed in some states to vote. That’s why we need to make voting mandatory, gerrymandering illegal in all states and vote by mail like we do in our state. Vote, please people or we may end up with Trump and his trumpetts ruling our country .




Just writing that heading almost made me vomit. In all my years I have never seen a president candidate like Trump. I always wondered how the good people of Germany allowed Hitler to come to power. Now I know all it takes is a group of ill-informed angry at the perceived system and they are ripe for a con artist like Trump.

Yes, I called him a con artist because he knows how to play people and get the results he wants. It’s no secret that he has publicly said how much he loves his undereducated and ill-informed followers. He plays on their fears of the ‘other’ like immigrants and muslims and the of course the poor. Sadly this kind of upswing in fascism is playing out around the world. People see that their lives are changing for the worse and instead of blaming the people in power who are doing this they fall for the likes of Donald Trump.

How do we stop it? Education and mass media that exposes the reality of Trump. We can not stand by idly and do nothing. The greatest evil of all is when good people stand by and do nothing. Vote this year like never before and show the world that sane Americans do not stand for the filth that trump represents.



This is personal for me as I watch my youngest daughter try to find new housing. She is a single mother with 5 children (yes the man left her to fend for herself) and was recently given a 90 day no cause eviction. Common now here in Portland Oregon and the surrounding 3 county area. Sadly with so many people that are lower income along with the middle income looking for rental houses in a very tight market, its beyond difficult. When the landlord can pick from hundreds of applicants, of course they will pick the one with the best income and credit score. Can’t blame them, but with no rent control or housing that is set aside for the lower income, its a daunting experience.-I watch my daughter cry as phone call after phone call is a n0-go and feel so helpless. I can help her with actual moving costs but have no way to come up with 2000 for a deposit and of course there are the application fees. Her current housing told her that they will take up to 31 days to return her 2000 deposit.

So the problem is how do we provide for those that live at min wage or just slightly higher? They need housing and housing close to where they work. This problem isn’t just here of course, and is a serious problem in many major cities. Do we need rent control or housing subsidized? In every major city there are thousands of foreclosed homes that sit empty. In one city they used eminent domain and took over the houses and rented them out as public housing or section 8 housing that did not demand huge deposits and good credit scores.

My daughter has a section 8 housing voucher for 1800, but she doesn’t have a good credit score and doesnt make, even with the voucher the 3 times the rent that many are asking for. People wonder why we have so many homeless and the cost of housing is a very good reason for many to become homeless.

I have no answers and of course we will continue the search but right now it seems hopeless and overwhelming.







By now its clear that the Sanders run for president is indeed a political revolution. The question is – what does that mean?

To revolt is to want to change the status quo and by that explanation, we can see that indeed there is a political revolution going on in our country. There are two sides to this- the rise of Trump is on the negative side and Sanders is on the positive side.

The question is, which side will win? On one hand we have the millennials and the baby boomers that never lost their ideals (like Sander) and the under educated fox news zombie crowd who are full of hatred and suspicion of ‘others’.

Its time to pick a side and go with it- we need what Sanders is offering and at the same time we need a congress that will back him up. Trump and his followers actually want to destroy our government and let our country continue to devolve into a 3rd world country.

We need to unite together and do what is necessary to keep our country from devolving further. We need to not let the corporate owned media control the facts and share with all we know, what the real truths are.

If we want to be a country that is ‘great’ for everyone, then we need to make gerrymandering illegal in all states and vote into office only people that actually believe in the government and want to actively work towards a government that works for the people. We need to get money out of politics- we need to reclaim the voice that we have been denied by the few rich that now control our nation. We need to VOTE and we need to get those that are in thrall to the ‘tea-party politics’ educated.

I have picked my side- Sanders for president. How about you?



We are still listed and thought of as a ‘first world status’ but we are fast becoming a ‘3rd world conditions’ in many parts of our country and our inequality of wealth is nation wide. People often ask what inequality of wealth has to do with 3rd world countries and I just point out that in those countries, only a few are wealthy while the country is without good infrastructure or housing or clean water or good education or good healthcare. There governments are owned by the richest few and corporations are able to do as they please.

Sound familiar? Our infrastructure is crumbling with most of the country with a rating of D- in all states. That means we are just one crumpled bridge or bad rails away from disasters. Our education has been failing for years and in is falling even faster in pockets of our country. Religion is being inserted wherever and whenever possible in our schools and our government. Detroit has thousands of people without the money needed to have access to running water and we just found out that in Flint-their water is full of toxic levels of lead and they knew it. Homelessness is increasing with each year and yet we have thousands of homes owned by banks that sit empty. Access to healthcare is determined by your ability to pay and in many states there is no healthcare at all available to the very poorest and those that are homeless as they didn’t expand medicaid and/or they have no public hospitals as private hospitals do not have to provide care to those without money. Our government is owned  by the wealthy few thanks to their ability to donate (buy) as much as they desire to whom they want to wing. Our corporations are treated as if they are gods and are allowed to do as they please (of course they try to hide it) and as has just happened are able to override countries regulations (in the new budget there is a bill that makes it illegal to list country of origin on our meat after canada and mexico corporations objected)

So here in the land of the poor, we are first world status with 3rd world conditions.

We can change this if we but vote and vote well. We are the change needed and we are the only ones that can change this.








Once again, voter apathy has led to a governor that the people of Kentucky will soon regret. They say that it was less than 23% of the legal voters that turned out. Yet all the democrats that turned out and voted on other candidates and issues were greater than the republican voters and yet a republican won the governor position.

Why is it that voters stay home in off years? Voter apathy is the reason and the media has a lot to do with that. People feel as if their voice doesn’t matter and that the candidates are all the same- so why vote? Well as they are finding out in Kentucky, it matters a lot.

Voting should be mandatory and campaigns should be totally public funded so that all people can run for the open seats in states and the federal level and not just the richest. If voting is mandatory there is no way for political parties to try to obstruct and restrict voting. If campaigns are public funded, then there is no way for the richest few to buy the candidates. We also need to make gerrymandering illegal in every state and remake districts to be only about how many people in are in the district and not what political party they vote for.

In our state we vote by mail and even in the off year of 2014, we had the highest turnout at 69%, and that is shameful, but the rest of the country .was at 20 to 30% turnout.

So we can either keep on the same way or do what is necessary to combat voter apathy and the steps I listed above would be a start. Also we need to have laws that ensure that political ads and speeches have to be truthful (supreme court ruled that its legal to lie) and laws that ensure our news is true, factual, non biased and fair.

Will this work? I don’t know, but I know that we need to become the change needed.


Peace and may joy, harmony and love surround you