house speaker boehner still wants to pass keystone pipeline

I should be used to this new government that we have, but to see that house speaker boehner is still insistent that this pipeline needs to go through, even after our president saying in the speech that insider trading in the government has to stop. What amazes me is that even after the american public finding out that he has invested in the keystone pipeline, he and his compadres act as if it is no big deal and they are going to pass this pipeline no matter what. Excuse me, but that’s a long way from for the people and by the people   sorta sounds like for the house speaker by the house speaker.  I can only hope that as more and more americans see what our government is really about, they will sign the petitions go on their facebook page email the president email and call your elected officials and most important start listening to something besides main stream media We need to take back our government and once more become a country governed by the people for the people.   I really hope that most americans truly want to have guaranteed health care from birth, they want good schools, they don’t think big oil needs subsidies or tax cuts, people like apple should have to pay and make with the same pay and working enviroment wherever they make their products and they cant come back then to the usa and see for an outrageous profit, whats american about that, and also fair taxes if you make more you pay more simple unless you are the 1% who seem to think that we are all stupid and we arent so sorry don’t believe the trickle down effect don’t buy into the job creator either how about you what do you think and hopefully this does make you think and then you tell someone else and they start to question to look for the truth and to wake up and see that we can change our country back into a country that works for all of america  thank you for your time and really I hope that you do question and use those questions to find the truth and spread the word   because as long as we still have the freedom to change our country we need to do that before they figure a way out to stop us and please I mean peacefully questioning inquiring voting emailing signing petitions peacefull protests and most of all keep looking for the truth and keep telling others about the truth
















don’t be in pain in america

Did you know that in washington state the state determines how much the dose can be for a patient, because why? they are afraid that they will become addicted and who cares if they are in intractable pain. this upsets me on many levels.  on one level after a car wreck and a disorder that is attacking my spine, with no cures no fix  available I have to take pain medication if I want to have a life, I take the lowest amount possible and have been assured for years that someone in the pain I am in cannot become addicted and they are right.  So then, why is their this outcry this disdain for pain pills.  Yes there are people on the streets that take these pain pills, but they didn’t get them from a dr and so then why must I have to be drug tested and made to feel dirty when I have to transfer doctors I wish they could come up with a pain pill that had no adverse side effects no opiods and helped control pain. I just had to write about this when I found that out about washington state and the same article found that may only be the beginning because now of course the usa will declare war on prescription pain pills, isnt that the way it works here in america.  Of course the pharmacys are not going to let the government get in the way of profits and we all know who runs our government money big money big oil big corporations wall street but of course not for the people and by the people well sorry just had to sound off

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facebook at it again

I love using facebook and made new friends play some good games and learned from the media on the internet and the political sites that I have joined.  Yet once again facebook is going to change our profile now to something called a timeline a backwards timeline whatever that means and if we don’t like too bad.  Then the question becomes why are they doing this, what they are not rich enough. Or maybe it’s the money facebook has taken from big money you know like goldman sachs and other big money has also bought into facebook.  I should not be surprised, I guess we really do live in a world where those with money come to think that no matter what they do, we the 99% will just let them.  Do you think that facebook understands that it’s the people that made a success out of facebook  they only provided the vehicle.   Look at all the ads you now see like us on facebook twitter us and yet we now see google and you tube changing in ways that are not in favor of the user and twitter will allow censorship in other countries and now facebook and when I read it thru it had something to do with piracy issues, bottom line money from all the big money sources are in control now, the government just a puppet for the corporations and ultra wealthy, and the internet I believe has them terrified because we are finding out the truth, they are no longer able to hide from us what is going on in our country and we the 99% are waking up to the fact that we do posses the means to change our country back to for the people by the people, but we may have to find a new facebook, one that wont sell out to the 1$%



















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our country is under attack by our government

I just got done reading my email and checking out the days new headlines.  Of course I don’t rely on the main stream media and instead rely on the internet news of which there are several good sites.  The one thing that stood out is the ability of main stream media to restrict out knowledge of what is really happening. I was astounded to learn that they are once more trying to cut medicare, medicade food stamps unemloyment  and social security. Notice anything ? That’s right all programs that help those in need, I guess the 1% are really afraid we might hold them accountable and re-instate pre 1980 tax rates and then yes that’s right the 1% would once more pay their fair share.  I can only hope that more and more people wake up to what is really happening and to realize that there are 99% of us and its up to us to fight for our freedoms or else this body of government will erase our freedoms.  Did you know that texas history books teach that we are a republic not a democratic country. I guess when you have got along without the truth you feel like you can do anything.  I saw a cool cartoon with a little girl crying and her mother telling herthat she was sorry but the rich people need her food stamps. Guess what she is right. as I our goverrnment works overtime to push oil pipelines  and to unravel any help for those less fortunate.  how sad is that a government no longer run for the people by the people but instead a republic run by the government for the government. It is now up to all of us to fight for the freedoms we once had.  One way to fight this oppressive government is to vote to use our voice in emails in posting on facebook to make phone calls to our elected officials and to blog as I am doing. My main purpose is to wake people up before they take away my right to post what I want and not what they want.  I have become afraid of our government as should every american.  They have heard an uproar from the american public and still refuse to listen, they go behind our backs to pass bills that limit our freedom.  We need to take the word war out of our government no more war on poverty,. no more war on drugs no more war on crime and no more war on terrorism because what that really means is a war on american people. what we need is a guaranteed american citizen bill of rights  one that ensures that from birth an american citizen is guaranteed health care from birth free education and jobs that pay enough to support a family and that all people pay their fair share and that big money is kept out of our government. I hope that there are others in this country willing to fight for all american citizens> I was brought up to take only what you need and to give all you can.  too bad the government doesn’t know that

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XFINITY Connect: Herman Cain Endorses Newt Gingrich for President

well that sure makes me want to vote for newt gingrich but sadly there are actually people out their that buy into this drama that the republican party has become. when you think they wont sink lower they do.  what is sad and scary that there are people in our country havent realized that our main stream media does not tell us everything and can be quite slanted in their news.   whats scary is that these people don’t really know what these candidates are really about., and if they know and still want to support these people and the unbelievable hate and racism and total disregard for anyone but their share of the 1% and would rape our earth in every way in their pursuit of money for a fast depleting fossil fuel.  I am really starting to wonder if its possible for these people to overrun our country in a race to see who can destroy it first.  our only hope in this country is for americans to wake up look for the real news check out those posts you see on facebook but don’t be sure on tweeter with their new censorship  and with the antipiracy act that passed with no knowledge for we the people. as more and more people wake up and start questioning what is really going on, the more people then finding the truths and then waking up to the reallity that we the people and for the people which is us the 99% that want a good fair country for all the people even you the 1%. that’s possibly the sadest thing about all this, you see I really mean it when I say I want a whole country I want for the 1% what I want for the 99% and the 1% can think of no one but themselves and somehow are able to convince people that after all they are doing this for us  you know the trickle down effect and that they are job creators. so yes that’s the really messed up part but that does not mean we have to act like them I hope in my lifetime I will see universal guaranteed health care for all american citizens from birth. I hope also to see education opened to everyone that means college  if a person doesn’t have to pay as much for their college they don’t need to earn the extremely high incomes because they wont be stuck with student loans.  sure we would all have to pay our fair share and that means everyone and the more you make the more you pay we all know this but someone forgot to tell the 1% thank you for reading


















XFINITY Connect: Herman Cain Endorses Newt Gingrich for President


I just got of the phone with a man wanting to know if I was going to vote to for rob cornilles for senator in oregon. I was like are you kidding and he said that after all he wants to lower taxes and I went off on him.  I told him to do his research and that you cant depend on mainstream media to tell you the truth. I told him you need to scour the internet and find the public records of events, such as that our troubles starting with reagan and gained momentum untill where we are now.  did you know that the corporations in the united states recorded near record profits.  ok back to the phone call, he asked why I would support increasing taxes and I responded that it is imperative to get guaranteed health care for all americans.  he was astounded that I would support more taxes in order for someone else to have health care he didn’t understand that I felt he was in the wrong, because everyone knows that we pay taxes to provide for every american citizen and to support our military. Personally if our elected officials only earned what the average american citizen did and was not allowed to take any money that’s right any money from outside sources. So yes we need to reinstate the fair taxes that used to be in effect.  anyone else out their think that it’s the right thing to do is to ensure that every american has guaranteed health care from birth




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if I hadn’t seen the public records available to all to see, I would not have believed it.  In texas  it’s a law that the history books cant  mention that we had slavery in our country, now arizona (what can you expect from a governor that would shake her finger at our president) has demanded that the schools can no longer have information concerning hispanic culture or hispanic anything that would make arizona look bad and now tennessee is ready to join the rush to rewrite our history books.  what in the world is going on in our country? How can they even justify this is beyond me.  how did we get here is the main question, and now that we know what is happening how can we change it back.  the study of history is just that, and if history is rewritten, then there is no learning from history.  I can only hope that enough people will wake up and start questioning not only how but why do these states want to change history, what is it they hope to make happen, what is their underlying reason for actions like this.  What is it they think is worth doing this. This goes beyond censorship and borders on a kind of what a king and his subjects.  One of hopes is that more and more people start searching for the real news. I sure never heard of this and once I saw and then did research it seems like more and more of our mainstream media is censoring our news. Talking about censorship did anyone else find it weird that google is now going to in effect censorship;  I tried to find out who owns google and hit a brick wall.  Does anyone else wonder what is happening to our country.  I am frightened by the rights they have given theirselves (our government) to use military force against an american citizen and they do not have to convict you to imprison you for as long as they want, and now they are trying to pass a bill that would enable the government to take your citizenship away all in the name of terrorists which by the way where are these so called terrorists anyway.  I think it’s a way for our government to become a military police state and I can only hope that as more and more people find the truth they will in turn speak up and help someone else find the truth its not too late and I pray everyday that more and more people will wake up to the truth and then use our considerable might we are after all the 99% and we can make change happen thank you for reading


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