XFINITY Connect: Inbox (2)

I am sorta surprised that not going on any of my usual sites not looking things up has been so hard to do.  I started this blog today so I could black it out in support of these two bills not being passed.  Has anyone out there became just a little frightened by the actions of our government.  What I find interesting is that our mainstream media has not talked about the sopa and pips bills or the black out but last night on bbc world it was reported on and talked about. Should come as no surprise that comcast and several other big companies are behind the two aforementioned bills.

what really has me worried is the  bill to allow our government to strip us of our citizenship if you are being hostile to our government, of course we are to assume that this means working with terrorists, but that is not how the bill is written, also then if you are no longer a citizen you can then be detained under the new law signed by the president january  1st So that has me worried how about you

XFINITY Connect: Inbox (2)


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