it seems we have a government that we should fear

it was exciting to watch true democratic freedom in the huge numbers of people responding by phone by email by petitions by protests and not only have we obtained our governments attention but we have gained world wide attention but i dont really feel like its over not we have the law signed by president obama (one of its by laws is that any person thought to be  in with opposition of the goverenment can be detained and armed forces can be used against people (in no place in the bill does it say that american citizens are exexpt from this and couple with that a bill now that would allow the united states government to declare an american citizen hostile the usa government no longer an american citizen. of course they do that under the guise of terrorist threat  i am begining to feel the real and present danger is our government itself  i never thought i would ever in my lifetime become afraid of our government. but i am afraid and i am begining to think that all americans need to become afraid before its too late.  we have the power now thanks to the internet and social media sites blogs political sites the list goes on to get laws like that repealed to recall elected officials who are not serving the people   and we need to get big money and big oil and wall street out of our politics as is being proven over and over again is that when people become educated about what is going on in the world weve seen uprisings we have seen time after time in the last 6 months that petitions signed by the 100 thousands have made a change have prevented some really bad to the earth some about our lives i can only pray that more and more people will wake up and see read and hear the truth of what is happening in our country.  i think that myself and so many others started just tuning out what was going on in our politics or laws and went with the premise what difference does my voice mean.  well i woke up and owe that i believe to facebook to all the sites for politic and humane reasons  and i found that the more i researched the more i learned the more i realised that i had to actually go onto bbcworld to really hear what is going on in our country i started signing petitions watching the news and rachal maddow going on the different political sites and wow i am afraid of what our government has become and pray daily that we can get our country back to a country where everyone is crealted equal and the government offiials are once more by the people for the people


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