can the republican party sink any lower

when i see racism the way we saw in south carolina it makes me sick.  it also fills me shame that the rest of the world might think  most americans are like the people in south carolina who gave standing ovations to the racist and out and out disdain for poor people whose children should have to work at the schools heck who needs education if you are poor because as mr gingrich said poor people need money and hey people on food stamps and without jobs are black  since the figures point a different picture with white people mostly working poor or like myself disabled are on foodstamps with the highest percent of the whole foodstamp program.  i live in oregon where jobs are beyond hard to find just ask my 20 some and early 30 children and their friends most are unemployed and do not have unemployment insurance left and no dental no health and they are left to the charity of their families so to all you republicans out there dont forget that the 99% are well educated and well informed even if we have to resort to watching bbc  world to find unbiased news and of course the multitude of sites now that are dedicated to educating the american people.   i dont know about other people but for myself i see humanity as all humans with different colored skin and hair and eyes and untill someone can tell me that a human with a different colored skin is not human just like you or i , i refuse to be prejudiced  and can only pray that people arount this country will continue to stand up for the freedom we stand for


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