do we need to be afraid of our government

i am becoming aware with each new bill i see proposed and after listening to the unbelievable difference between main streem media and world news and alternative news sources. i dont know if i would have believed this if i had not seen for myself and like all times when you gain knowledge you can no longer keep your eyes closed and pretend all is good in the world.  what i am seeing is an ongoing assault on our  civil liberties and unless we keep on top of this with sharing knowledge and by signing petitions also call and email your elected officials and never ever forget that each voice does count and i just hope that the government is not allowed to push through the bills giving them the right to detain and even strip of citizenship they say this is because of terrorists but the way its worded it could be applyed to something as innocent of this blog because the government could deem it hostile to country.   so many of the latest bills are starting to sound like what you would expect from china russia and many 3rd world countries.  for goodness sake the republicans think our poor children should have to work to get food at school and state governors think they can pass laws saying that they alone can decide who to be mayor and the people have no right to vote he privatized the schools this is in michagan look it up  and the attack on the poor the working poor the honest and good people in this country all the while cutting taxes on multimillionaires i dont want what anyone else wants i just to pay their fair share and to pay employess a fair wage and pass on their increase in profit and health care for all americans


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