keystone decision

i am so glad we have a president willing to stand up to big oil it was not a good thing and the american people did not get anything from this deal except grevious damage to our earth and the oil? thats right its being sold oversees.  its easy i guess when you dont have to live where big oil coil nuclear and strip mining. its not pretty and its not good for the earth. what good are a few jobs compared to permanet damage to the earth.  i as many others did signed petitions for president obama to do just what he did and i am sorry but those jobs how were they going to help our economy those are rather remote and underpopulated areas it wasnt going to make a dent even with our jobless and underemployed working poor.   what we need is something like what they did before lets put people to work repairing our crumbling infrastructure. that should be one of the key debate points and you hear not one word on this subject



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