XFINITY Connect: Inbox (137)I

I just got done watching as much of the republican debate as I could, it made me sick to see all those people cheering no matter what newt gingrich  said and to hear all the empty and usually off base if not an outright lie left me sad  I can only imagine what the rest of world must think of us.  hopefully with facebookl and twitter and all the sites available that the world knows that the majority of americans are good loving hardworking honest and giving people.  I don’t know about you, but I think that health coverage from birth should be a given.  the usa made japan and germany adopt fdr’s bill of rights (he died before added to our constition ) which said along with other points that health care would be available for all from birth, which they still have. we are the only civilized country that does provide health care for its citizens.  I truly believe that as a society we are judged not by our best able but how we care for those least able.   The use of racial slurs is bad enough but to hear a presidential candidate say that young children who are poor should have to work at the school since poor people like money.  california is actually considering that children on free lunch should have to work to get that free lunch. you know poor people they don’t need health care and they don’t need education  it makes me sick to my stomach and am left wondering what can we do to change this and bring america back to the country we are meant to be I don’t know if anyone reads this but at least I feel as if I  am doing something

XFINITY Connect: Inbox (137)


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