the shame of south carolina audience and how that relates to you or i

i have become very aware of the fact that racism is rife within our society.  that there are people like the south carolina audience that would actually cheer for racist comments and to also cheer making poor children work becauce they need to know how to work. all i can say is wow what a sad day for america.  so far these republican candidates and their followers have attacked all that america stands for and would like to enclose us in an electrified fence(hence keeping us also unable to get out) make contreceptives illegal in the us ban abortion even if the mothers life was in danger or if she was raped. also they maintain only men can be president, they have tried and in some states succeeded in restricting voting not allowing unions, and that only black people get foodstamps i can only hope that the rest of the world know that these people are not the mainstreem american.  the other unimaginable laws are those allowing the government to use armed forces against americans who are thought to be hostile to the government and that my friends is the exact wording no mention of terrosiom which is why we are told we need these laws america needs to wake up before they have taken all our freedoms away. i would hazard to say in this new america that they are trying to make, this blog would be considered hostile to the government and i think we as americans need to stand up for our freedoms before its too late please dont take my word for this please do your own research read the laws yourself our interenet is still free from censorship so its easy to find and read and then please share with everyone from facebook to twitter to your blogs to the people you know and meet because their next bill up for grabs is the right to take an americans citizenship away if deemed hostile to the government sorta scary and more like cuba rushia china iran iraq egytpt libia and the list goes on its up to us to make sure that doesnt happen so wake up america


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