we the people need to wake up and take back our government

after reading article after article. fact after fact it has become starkly clear that the united states government is waging war on the american citizens.  we need to take back our government and impeach  all elected officials who vote for special interests and refuse to follow what the american people want.  i am sure that those same officials are very upset by the access of the average citizen to obtain truthfull knowledge about their bills they want to pass and that we can see who contributes to them and how they repay that money with 100% voting for whatever they want.  did you know that the government gives subsidies to the oil companys and that morgan chase makes a small fortune off handling ebt cards in over 20 states and at the same time has established a call center in india thats right india and that they not only only pay 3.50 hour they take jobs away from american citizens.  what i do not understand is how did a private organision get this job  if anyone know the why and how please let me know.  its quite clear that this is a program (ebt) food stamps does not belong in the private sector, that money they are making would feed thousands upon thousands of low income americans and the fact that are allowed to have a call center in india sorta makes me want to vomit.   when i started my journey into the truths about our government, i had no idea at the extent of corruption fraud and illegal acts our government is capable of.  untill big money and oil and wall street is taken out of our government we are essentially being governed by big money corporations and the people that are in house and senate that take money from these people and that have a monetary interest (like house speaker) in a bill that they are trying to pass should be jailed under the same premise of insider trading.  i will keep up my journey for truth but must admit i am filled with great sadness to be an american



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