XFINITY Connect: Inbox (230)

I was surprised by house speaker boehner that on national tv would admit to using blackmail with the president so that he could get his keystone pipeline through. thankfuly we have the internet and have to options to actually research and learn about the issues facing america today.  the house speake has monetary interests in these canada business.  this was an enviormental huge problem. jobs? only temporary  and what would the usa gain by this, besides thousands of acres of land destroyed, nothing that’s right nothing not our oil and the oil is to be sent overseas so you ask why would canada oil company think that the usa would let them do this,  well they have the house speaker in their pockets and if you look at his voting record 100% in favor of big oil which by the way fund him quite well  please don’t take my word for this do your research these facts are easy to find and as long as we keep our internet uncensored we will continue to be able to find the truth..  I have emailed house speaker and would urge everyone to do the same thing we are after all the 99% so there is a whole lot more of us than them lets keep letting them know that

XFINITY Connect: Inbox (230)


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