XFINITY Connect: Inbox (94)

I am feeling sad and disgusted after reading some postings on a site foramerica   and all I can say is how tragic for america that people like that exist.  what is the most disturbing is their justifying their hatred their bigotry their averice their lack of compassion by their religion I can only hope that there are so many people that are good that will be disgusted by the racial slurs by the candidates for president that they will respond back telling them that racism is not a good thing and that the majority of americans are hard working people who want to provide for those less able and that the usa needs to provide health care for all and we need to separate our government from the money poured into their coffers from big oil big corporations and wealthy individuals because  I am sorry but doesn’t that smack of coercion and fraud to take money to secure your vote for their wishes.  our government needs to see that we the people are tired of their games their averice their lack of concern for american people

XFINITY Connect: Inbox (94)


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