conservatives sink lower each day

every new article I read that is written from what stands for “conservative” seems to sink to even lower levels with each new article.   they are willing and in fact roundly call for government intervention and regulations concerning voting and when it comes to women they want to regulate a womans  ability for any abortions, no matter what, and also at the same time would make contraceptives illegal, also would like to be able to imprision women for murder for having a misscarriage or if infant is still borne,  they also see every reason to cut taxes on wealthy and corporations and keep up the same policys that have brought the world to its economical disaster and then they tell us that we need to pump more money into defense and that its just illegal to provide and demand that all people be granted health care from birth.   I think the worst thing they do  is to use their religion as an excuse to explain their actions, that only white christian people are good and everyone else is just there to serve them. I can only pray that the good and honest and hardworking americans will come out in droves to let these people know that they can no longer hold our country hostage to horrible idea of a world.  I forgive them and would make sure that they were able to get any help they needed and would tell them that people of faith are tolerant loving giving honest and above all loving

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