I just got of the phone with a man wanting to know if I was going to vote to for rob cornilles for senator in oregon. I was like are you kidding and he said that after all he wants to lower taxes and I went off on him.  I told him to do his research and that you cant depend on mainstream media to tell you the truth. I told him you need to scour the internet and find the public records of events, such as that our troubles starting with reagan and gained momentum untill where we are now.  did you know that the corporations in the united states recorded near record profits.  ok back to the phone call, he asked why I would support increasing taxes and I responded that it is imperative to get guaranteed health care for all americans.  he was astounded that I would support more taxes in order for someone else to have health care he didn’t understand that I felt he was in the wrong, because everyone knows that we pay taxes to provide for every american citizen and to support our military. Personally if our elected officials only earned what the average american citizen did and was not allowed to take any money that’s right any money from outside sources. So yes we need to reinstate the fair taxes that used to be in effect.  anyone else out their think that it’s the right thing to do is to ensure that every american has guaranteed health care from birth





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