XFINITY Connect: Inbox (337)

if I hadn’t seen the public records available to all to see, I would not have believed it.  In texas  it’s a law that the history books cant  mention that we had slavery in our country, now arizona (what can you expect from a governor that would shake her finger at our president) has demanded that the schools can no longer have information concerning hispanic culture or hispanic anything that would make arizona look bad and now tennessee is ready to join the rush to rewrite our history books.  what in the world is going on in our country? How can they even justify this is beyond me.  how did we get here is the main question, and now that we know what is happening how can we change it back.  the study of history is just that, and if history is rewritten, then there is no learning from history.  I can only hope that enough people will wake up and start questioning not only how but why do these states want to change history, what is it they hope to make happen, what is their underlying reason for actions like this.  What is it they think is worth doing this. This goes beyond censorship and borders on a kind of what a king and his subjects.  One of hopes is that more and more people start searching for the real news. I sure never heard of this and once I saw and then did research it seems like more and more of our mainstream media is censoring our news. Talking about censorship did anyone else find it weird that google is now going to in effect censorship;  I tried to find out who owns google and hit a brick wall.  Does anyone else wonder what is happening to our country.  I am frightened by the rights they have given theirselves (our government) to use military force against an american citizen and they do not have to convict you to imprison you for as long as they want, and now they are trying to pass a bill that would enable the government to take your citizenship away all in the name of terrorists which by the way where are these so called terrorists anyway.  I think it’s a way for our government to become a military police state and I can only hope that as more and more people find the truth they will in turn speak up and help someone else find the truth its not too late and I pray everyday that more and more people will wake up to the truth and then use our considerable might we are after all the 99% and we can make change happen thank you for reading


XFINITY Connect: Inbox (337)


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