XFINITY Connect: Herman Cain Endorses Newt Gingrich for President

well that sure makes me want to vote for newt gingrich but sadly there are actually people out their that buy into this drama that the republican party has become. when you think they wont sink lower they do.  what is sad and scary that there are people in our country havent realized that our main stream media does not tell us everything and can be quite slanted in their news.   whats scary is that these people don’t really know what these candidates are really about., and if they know and still want to support these people and the unbelievable hate and racism and total disregard for anyone but their share of the 1% and would rape our earth in every way in their pursuit of money for a fast depleting fossil fuel.  I am really starting to wonder if its possible for these people to overrun our country in a race to see who can destroy it first.  our only hope in this country is for americans to wake up look for the real news check out those posts you see on facebook but don’t be sure on tweeter with their new censorship  and with the antipiracy act that passed with no knowledge for we the people. as more and more people wake up and start questioning what is really going on, the more people then finding the truths and then waking up to the reallity that we the people and for the people which is us the 99% that want a good fair country for all the people even you the 1%. that’s possibly the sadest thing about all this, you see I really mean it when I say I want a whole country I want for the 1% what I want for the 99% and the 1% can think of no one but themselves and somehow are able to convince people that after all they are doing this for us  you know the trickle down effect and that they are job creators. so yes that’s the really messed up part but that does not mean we have to act like them I hope in my lifetime I will see universal guaranteed health care for all american citizens from birth. I hope also to see education opened to everyone that means college  if a person doesn’t have to pay as much for their college they don’t need to earn the extremely high incomes because they wont be stuck with student loans.  sure we would all have to pay our fair share and that means everyone and the more you make the more you pay we all know this but someone forgot to tell the 1% thank you for reading


















XFINITY Connect: Herman Cain Endorses Newt Gingrich for President


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