our country is under attack by our government

I just got done reading my email and checking out the days new headlines.  Of course I don’t rely on the main stream media and instead rely on the internet news of which there are several good sites.  The one thing that stood out is the ability of main stream media to restrict out knowledge of what is really happening. I was astounded to learn that they are once more trying to cut medicare, medicade food stamps unemloyment  and social security. Notice anything ? That’s right all programs that help those in need, I guess the 1% are really afraid we might hold them accountable and re-instate pre 1980 tax rates and then yes that’s right the 1% would once more pay their fair share.  I can only hope that more and more people wake up to what is really happening and to realize that there are 99% of us and its up to us to fight for our freedoms or else this body of government will erase our freedoms.  Did you know that texas history books teach that we are a republic not a democratic country. I guess when you have got along without the truth you feel like you can do anything.  I saw a cool cartoon with a little girl crying and her mother telling herthat she was sorry but the rich people need her food stamps. Guess what she is right. as I our goverrnment works overtime to push oil pipelines  and to unravel any help for those less fortunate.  how sad is that a government no longer run for the people by the people but instead a republic run by the government for the government. It is now up to all of us to fight for the freedoms we once had.  One way to fight this oppressive government is to vote to use our voice in emails in posting on facebook to make phone calls to our elected officials and to blog as I am doing. My main purpose is to wake people up before they take away my right to post what I want and not what they want.  I have become afraid of our government as should every american.  They have heard an uproar from the american public and still refuse to listen, they go behind our backs to pass bills that limit our freedom.  We need to take the word war out of our government no more war on poverty,. no more war on drugs no more war on crime and no more war on terrorism because what that really means is a war on american people. what we need is a guaranteed american citizen bill of rights  one that ensures that from birth an american citizen is guaranteed health care from birth free education and jobs that pay enough to support a family and that all people pay their fair share and that big money is kept out of our government. I hope that there are others in this country willing to fight for all american citizens> I was brought up to take only what you need and to give all you can.  too bad the government doesn’t know that

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