don’t be in pain in america

Did you know that in washington state the state determines how much the dose can be for a patient, because why? they are afraid that they will become addicted and who cares if they are in intractable pain. this upsets me on many levels.  on one level after a car wreck and a disorder that is attacking my spine, with no cures no fix  available I have to take pain medication if I want to have a life, I take the lowest amount possible and have been assured for years that someone in the pain I am in cannot become addicted and they are right.  So then, why is their this outcry this disdain for pain pills.  Yes there are people on the streets that take these pain pills, but they didn’t get them from a dr and so then why must I have to be drug tested and made to feel dirty when I have to transfer doctors I wish they could come up with a pain pill that had no adverse side effects no opiods and helped control pain. I just had to write about this when I found that out about washington state and the same article found that may only be the beginning because now of course the usa will declare war on prescription pain pills, isnt that the way it works here in america.  Of course the pharmacys are not going to let the government get in the way of profits and we all know who runs our government money big money big oil big corporations wall street but of course not for the people and by the people well sorry just had to sound off

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