facebook at it again

I love using facebook and made new friends play some good games and learned from the media on the internet and the political sites that I have joined.  Yet once again facebook is going to change our profile now to something called a timeline a backwards timeline whatever that means and if we don’t like too bad.  Then the question becomes why are they doing this, what they are not rich enough. Or maybe it’s the money facebook has taken from big money you know like goldman sachs and other big money has also bought into facebook.  I should not be surprised, I guess we really do live in a world where those with money come to think that no matter what they do, we the 99% will just let them.  Do you think that facebook understands that it’s the people that made a success out of facebook  they only provided the vehicle.   Look at all the ads you now see like us on facebook twitter us and yet we now see google and you tube changing in ways that are not in favor of the user and twitter will allow censorship in other countries and now facebook and when I read it thru it had something to do with piracy issues, bottom line money from all the big money sources are in control now, the government just a puppet for the corporations and ultra wealthy, and the internet I believe has them terrified because we are finding out the truth, they are no longer able to hide from us what is going on in our country and we the 99% are waking up to the fact that we do posses the means to change our country back to for the people by the people, but we may have to find a new facebook, one that wont sell out to the 1$%



















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