house speaker boehner still wants to pass keystone pipeline

I should be used to this new government that we have, but to see that house speaker boehner is still insistent that this pipeline needs to go through, even after our president saying in the speech that insider trading in the government has to stop. What amazes me is that even after the american public finding out that he has invested in the keystone pipeline, he and his compadres act as if it is no big deal and they are going to pass this pipeline no matter what. Excuse me, but that’s a long way from for the people and by the people   sorta sounds like for the house speaker by the house speaker.  I can only hope that as more and more americans see what our government is really about, they will sign the petitions go on their facebook page email the president email and call your elected officials and most important start listening to something besides main stream media We need to take back our government and once more become a country governed by the people for the people.   I really hope that most americans truly want to have guaranteed health care from birth, they want good schools, they don’t think big oil needs subsidies or tax cuts, people like apple should have to pay and make with the same pay and working enviroment wherever they make their products and they cant come back then to the usa and see for an outrageous profit, whats american about that, and also fair taxes if you make more you pay more simple unless you are the 1% who seem to think that we are all stupid and we arent so sorry don’t believe the trickle down effect don’t buy into the job creator either how about you what do you think and hopefully this does make you think and then you tell someone else and they start to question to look for the truth and to wake up and see that we can change our country back into a country that works for all of america  thank you for your time and really I hope that you do question and use those questions to find the truth and spread the word   because as long as we still have the freedom to change our country we need to do that before they figure a way out to stop us and please I mean peacefully questioning inquiring voting emailing signing petitions peacefull protests and most of all keep looking for the truth and keep telling others about the truth
















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