the united states wouldn’t sign UN health mandate


I am ashamed to admit that before I had access to the computer and before facebook and all the wonderful online sites, I didn’t know this.   Yes you saw right the usa was the only country not to sign the UN mandate that all human beings deserve guaranteed health care from birth and its thru the government.  Our country refused to sign this.  It gets better I also learned that after world war 2 both germany and japan were required to adopt the bill of rights 2 by fdr that required guaranteed health care by the government among other rights that were not mandated for us the people of the usa because the president died before they were implemented into law. So I don’t know about you but I sorta feel like our government started selling out the people and instead let money begin to dominate all parts of government; not the kind of money a government should get to help its citizens you know those pesky citizens whose tax money has been intended since the beginning of our country.  our tax money was never intended for inflated salaries of elected officials or for unpaid for wars it was intended instead so that the government could best help its citizens like health care(early sailors paid a sur charge tax and in the return the government provided health care) so many people forget that we fought for our freedom from taxation without representation  corporations and religions were both equally deemed by the founding fathers as to be harmful the operation of the government and before the changes and deregulations thru the centuries and especially within the last 50 years provided that a corporation could only be in business for 20 years  it was a crime for anyone or any corporation to give money to anyone that was an elected official(today its called big oil thankyou money to the tune of over 20million that we know of)also churches paid taxes and there were no provisions for any religious interference in the government as we were guaranteed to the right of our religious belief without fear of retributation

Now though we have a country ruled by the most selfish fanatical cruel people that actually have a following of the citizens. I think now I might have a better idea of how nazi germany came into being.Maybe like now the sane rational people just considered them to be a temporary faze something that surely die out and and it didn’t.  Do I compare now to then in a strictly literal sense  no instead I am saying that maybe we shouldn’t be so dismissive about the alarming fact that this candidates do have followers people that boo and hiss and cheer at all the wrong things things that are racist cruel and totally uncaring and they call themselves religious right 

So how can we the sane people that have become awakened to the reallity of the world that surrounds us wake more people up  I think that is our only hope because when you open just one persons world to the world as it really is then that person etc  and I would like to think that anytime we put in writing words that create a movement of intellectual and feelings we are making a change  I can only hope that it is enough  lately I have been reminded that this was foretold as the age of enlightenment in many cultural prohesys

I wonder then does that make us all part of a wonderful plan that would enable the people of the world to wake up and take back our earth and our world and the 1 to 2% whose only means of power or energy  is money then that’s ok their money is theres but in a 100% world the earth would come first then second a basic human being bill of rights with health care education food housing and jobs and peace and most importantly a whole lot of love   so as usual thank you for taking the time to  read this and peace and love


when did people get so crazy


after a day spent reading links and posting and comments I have come to the conclusion that there are some way crazy people out there.  If the debates werent enough to know that there are some seriously unhinged people out there.  The candidates and their vying for first place in the crazy list is bad enough, but I think whats worse is the people that cheer for racial slurs and applaud at death committees and now its ok to say that after all we need people to take our garbage and fix our cars and serve us our food so they don’t need to go to college for that.  Whats scary is these were just so called regular people that came up with those comments and by reading the posts its also clear that there are a lot more people than I thought with the attitude that we need to cut all regulations and we have to give corporations breaks so they will have their company in our state or the best one that you still have some people  buying into is they are the job creators.  In the world I live in we have a multimillionaire governor in my state who lets the very wealthy get very deep tax cuts and data centers like facebook pay no property taxes and get a reduced corporate tax rate, this while our schools are being cut again our medicade is facing deep cuts and unemployment is still high.  So what I want to know is wheres the jobs wheres the trickle down and why should multimillionaires not have to pay their fair share and I am sorry when is too much enough  why should corporations that post profits in the outrageous category be given tax cuts and tax breaks.  I think its time for all of us to start really paying attention and raise our voice (emails postings and sharings and signing petitions count as our voice) I pray every day for the people that comprise the 99% to wake up and realize before its too late that we have the opportunity to make real changes, but we can also be blindsided by the crazies so its good to know what they  are thinking and most importantly its good to try to open their eyes one crazy at a time   thank you  and peace and love be in your life

how come some people believe that our president is so bad


Personally I don’t know of any person that when coming into the job, and having it be in severe trouble from mismanagement would have been able to do any better.  Yet for some reason way too many people believe that our president caused what happened and that hes not really american and that hes not christian enough.  Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about a president that earned the nobel prize for peace in 2009 or that our economy is better, or how about that he actually did save the auto business and he did not start the wall street bailout. I was reminded today that even sane otherwise not stupid people can be brainwashed by mainstream media.  I was in shock because she said after hearing ron paul speak she was going to vote for him. When I countered with  Are you kidding have you researched him at all do you know his senate history and do you know about the hate material he is connected to and she countered with anyone is better than obama she hated him and he has done nothing good and she would not vote for him. 
When I countered back that she should really research and see what is really true. It was as if I was talking to the wall. She was not only unwilling but adamant that she knew that ron paul was really good and she sent me one of his site links.  I think what really made me sad is this is a very sweet christian person who truly believes in the bible and yet she could be so fooled and sucked in to what so many of us are able to decipher as false.  My problem, my question is how to educate the public that still is convinced that mainstream media is telling them the truth. How to get peoples attention before its too late.  If we do not vote carefully and if we do not stay on top of washington and their bills and their opinions we will loose a battle for the freedoms we so take for granted.  I think that is what scares me the most and I wonder would our military open fire on us the citizens if the government told them too. So my question is what do we as part of the 99% do to help the rest of the 99% wake up before its too late.  Our real chance at freedom lies in keeping the internet up and free from censorship and to use our ability to communicate worlwide. Never forget that each voice is just as loud as the next and it takes all of our voices to get their attention. I honestly think that there is a chance still for humanity to wake up and use our voice to help create the world we know can exist    so peace and love and thank y ou

is it really any surprise that gas at the pump is higher?

Remember late last year hearing that since we had a surplus oil was being sold overseas.  Then I remembered that I read that they had to drain the holding tanks so that keystone could come thru. Did you ever wonder why big oil was so in favor of a canadian company and what was in it for them. Well they knew that they would be able to rise gas by at least 25 cents a gallon,and that was before what is happening in iran.  So is it really any surprise that after knowing this and the knowledge that big oil would do anything to get a president (who is willing to listen to the enviromental conditions ) that is not doing as they bid.  Personally I think that our president is not strong enough when it comes to enviromental issues.We cannot make a new earth, we cannot replace what we are damaging and if big oil and the ultra rich who try to rule this world with a iron hand our world will die. I feel that we have a responsibilty to our grandchildrens grandchildren to have a world to live in.  How then do we, american citizens of the 99% enact the changes needed to create and foster a world wide comunication that would lead to a world at peace filled with love and the knowledge that we are stewards of the earth.  I firmly believe our true purpose is to love and to share harmony and peace and to ensure that our world is healthy in all ways  we need a world that is for the 100% with health care for all and food and shelter and education  can you imagine what a beautiful world that would be.  Do I really think that it could happen  I don’t know I would like to dream that it could    

thank you for taking the time to read this

peace and love

occupy protests in other countries


one thing I thought about when I was reading the accounts of the brutality of the police in spain, was that our country has said nothing, not in greece not really in egypt.  So I am wondering if the reason we do not hear is because they have their own plans to use force if needed to deny us our right to peaceful assembly to address the government with our concerns.But do we really have the freedoms we think we do  They signed the acta law in 2006 in secret without our knowledge or input. That is not the way a democracy works.We have to wonder then what else have they done in secret.  Maybe the best thing to come out of the internet and facebook age is the interacting between people. The ability to search and find the real news, not the fox news not the political babel and we are finding out that quite a few of our elected officials are corrupt.  One of the more outrageous corruption of a democratic government is in michigan.  The governor there is under the impression that we are a feudal government where the elite govern the peons  He has stripped the schools stole the money gone in and taken over cities even detroit under the guise of emergency management. Only problem is that they come fire everyone mayors etc bring in their own corrupt ferrets that totally strip everything leaving the citizens without all that is guaranteed in our country.  He has privitized the schools stolen the money meant for the upkeep of the cities and thinks he is above all laws.  Is he?  Sometime it seems that maybe people like him like gov walker like speaker boehner like sen issa land like all the other corrupt officials that take blackmail invest in projects like keystone and then even though we the people are finding out they keep going like it doesn’t matter. Do they think just because the mainstreem media does no real reporting just the drivel that their owners tell them to say, that there is a whole lot of us on the internet and sharing when we find the truths. So what will it take to bring them to justice. Will our government be brutal in its stamping out of our freedoms or will our government prove to be the democracy we were taught in school we were or will we become like any other 3rd world country ruled by the very few top elite and the military.There was a day when I thought that could never happen here.  Lately I have become afraid that there isnt enough of us that see the truth so I try to do my part I research and share and most of all each day I fill with love and peace and work hard on helping others to have lives of peace and love  so thank you if you took the time to read this and peace and love be in your life

only one women allowed at birth control hearing


when you think that our elected officials could not stoop any lower, they surprise us with this hearing led by senator issa  to determine what should be done with contreceptives.  First these are men for goodness sake and what century do they live in.  When a few men and some catholic bishops can stop our government from tasking the real problems that face our country, you have to wonder why.  Well I think that they are so intent on getting rid of our president that they have lost all reason.  For goodness sake what ever made these people think that for one that birth control is against religion?  I looked and there is no mention in the bible that birth control is sinful, and instead I found over and over again that we are to love all people and that all people are equal and we are to care for those unable to care for themselves.  The catholic church has a long history of hating women and it still is active obviously. The only conclusion that I can come to is that these corrupt greedy bigoted men are afraid of women and they figure that there are enough hate filled men in the usa that will back them and I think that they will be surprised by the reaction of the american women. Did they forget we vote? Do they think that we will not see that they are still trying to pass thru the keystone pipeline or that they are quietly attacking all of amercan citizens and are still trying to censor the internet.  Did you know that they want to make it illegal for their information to be on the web. They don’t want us to know how much money they take from big oil or wall street or the koch brothers.  They don’t want us to know how they vote and they hate it that we can see clearly what they are doing and what they are not doing. I think that they still think that somehow they can go back to when they  worked hid from us what they were doing. Are they really so stupid? The answer is yes. Look at the governor walker that refuses to even acknowledge that a whole lot of people signed the recall petition something like a million people and he still acts like its no big deal and even is going to use the money from mortgage fraud settlement meant for the people not for his use to pay on debts.  Or michigan where the corrupt governor has taken control of several cities even detroit because he calls it emergency measures and puts a person in and fires all the elected officials. That is against all of our rights and yet he thinks that he is untouchable and he can do as he wants. Well thanks to the internet people are finding out what he is doing and I can only hope that enough attention is brought to bear and he will be removed from office.  What is happening to our country? The people in the news and people are using racial slurs and trying to prevent people from being able to vote freely, they are trying to shut down our internet and they don’t even try to hide their corrupt ways, for example how about house speaker boehner, even though people now know that he has investments in the keystone pipeline and he is still trying to pass it thru. Our hope now relies on all of us finding our voice and letting our government know that we are done letting them trash our country and we are tired of their corrupt good old white boy tantrums and we need to all become involved in making sure that they know what we the people want and we need to do whatever it takes to keep our internet safe from censorship and most of all we need to research the bills and we need to keep posting on facebook and most of all stop watching mainstream media and instead I would suggest bbc world news pbs and sometimes msnbc and there are several good sites on the internet to find factual news with no bias and no brainwashing.  As you probably guessed I have been busy all day signing petitions, posting and reading what people are saying. I wish I could tell you that all people that comment are intelligent and nice but that would be a lie.  Sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach because there are people out there that really think its ok to limit womens personal health and that its ok for men and a church to try to decide what a women can or not do.  Most of all I am sad. When I was a little girl I still remember when school were segregated and was so proud of the people that marched and fought for the civil rights and they succeeded and birth controll came about early 70s and now here in the 21st century I am watching in horror as bigotry and women hating are now once more in our lives. Thank you for reading and I hope that peace and love are in your life

how to find the truth in a corrupted media that spouts lies at every turn

I spent my morning as I always do checking the emails going to the different sites that I have been able to find the truth.  You would think that it would no longer come as a shock that our government is so corrupt that they control what our mainstream media tells us. Why do you think that they are trying to control our internet and why they are trying to push thru laws that limit out right to peaceful protest and by laws to allow military force on any american citizen deemed hostile to our government.  It is now up to those of us willing to find the truth then to pass along to all we know and meet and communicate with so that others will also take up the fight to take back america for all americans not the 99% or the 1% but all americans working together to create the usa we deserve and need.  Its past time to relieve all the corrupt government officials and replace them with non millionairs and with officials elected by the people and heres the kicker FOR THE PEOPLE  Sometimes the sadness at what has happened to my country is overwhelming, and sometimes I want to go back to when I still believed the lies that our media tells us, back to a time when I didn’t know that our country has bullied and raped other countries purely for control of oil OIL  not to help other countries but instead to try to enact laws and help put people into power that are acceptable to our governments every request for oil;  We need to put all of our efforts into researching and creating non fossil enviroment friendly and inexpensive   not keeping a disappearing disastrous for our earth fossil fuel.  Of course big money is terrified by this and well they should be because it’s the sign that they cant continue to control with a heavy hand what our government and 1% do in their persuit of the almighty dollar (but of course because of they our dollar is no longer worth a dollar) What Is so sad is that there are people in the usa that do not know that the biggest lies of all come from our very corrupt government officials and mainstream media that really they are doing whats right and we just have to get rid of these pesky enviroment people because its really ok  yeah well wake up america  WE CANNOT MAKE A NEW EARTH and unless you plan to live in newts space camp we need to resume control of our government while we still can its up to you and me and all the rest of the 99% in the world to enact laws that protect our earth as always peace and love