what about health care?


One thing that we don’t hear from our government, is that all countries except some 3rd world countries has health care for their citizens guaranteed from birth.  We hear from our government how horrible it would be  for us to  all be covered that we wont get good health care and that it would make our health care too expensive and they then point to other countries and tell us how horrible it is and how they all wished they had the kind of health care we have and then they say see how high our medical costs are already and that to cover everyone would be horrific  the reality is quite different.  Did you know mexico has health care, my daughter works as a nurse close to the border and said that mexicans would go back to mexico for their health care because of better care and of course they are covered.  I watched a report the other day and was astounded to learn that in these other countries that have single payer health care for all have very good hospitals and much better conditions for the staffs with a much lower patient load and so another lie our government has told us.  I do not think our president went far enough we should have a single payer health care  just open medicare to everyone and hey we do pay into medicare with all of our pay and I think that most people would be willing to pay just a tad bit more if it meant that all people had health care.  Without health care we are fast falling behind other countries, our children are not healthy many are obese they have bad teeth and as of now their life expectancy is lower than todays adult   the number of infant deaths has risen  and people are die.The long term outlook will only get worse.  You cannot have a country that is prosperous if you do not have a healthy population.  Maybe I am wrong  and other people don’t think that all people deserve health care food education and the ability to find ajob that will support you


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