county laws override doctors

so went to my new doctor and was already so nervous, my primary care retired the end of december, and thought that instead of going to the remaining doctor  I would find a new primary care closer to home. Yeah,  that didn’t go so well couldn’t find anyone that was taking new medicare patients, so finally the county said you can come here but you have to wait two weeks since you are a new patient, I was worried and said that my pain medication(unfortunately for me I have the evidence of extreme spinal disease and damage)would run out 2 days before they could get me in and inquired will they be able to fill my prescription and they said no problem.  lucky for me I had saved some back just not enough   because I am told that since I  am a new patient(same insurance) that in this county you have to be approved by an oversight committee and you have to take a urine test and maybe in 2 weeks she might get approval for my pills   I am like so the fact that for way too long I have been getting these prescriptions with the same insurance and I had all my records etc I was still sent away with no  pain medication.  The doctor said she was sorry but her hands were tied because I was a new patient.  I walked away in tears, its ironic that they make me sick so I have to take medicine to keep them down, but without them I cant get up out of bed and walk and do anything, I have an electric chair that I can use but there is no way to transport it and even with pain meds I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with even limited walking, 
When did being in unending pain(as they put it I have to accept that I cant be fixed and heres some more pain pills)in our country make you a criminal and exactly how does keeping a grandmother from getting pain pills for a very verified with evidence of a spine that is not something anyone would ever want, and doctors know when looking at the scans so what does an oversight committee have to do with getting your prescriptions.  well they are a direct link to the out of control republican government and their tea party mentality.  It is quite evident that there is an all out war on the american citizens on all fronts,  and yet the party calling for no regulations get government out of our lives really means put regulations on everything we do we see and even now what is allowed by doctors to prescribe.  I found out in washington state that they have  a limit to how many pain pills a person can take  I sincerely hope that none of the people behind these laws has to suffer without relief because of a law that says you cant have these pain pills unless I say so end of story the other doctor will take me on but they cant get me into the dr till the 7  so just wont be able to do much till then and am going to try to find out who I can register a complaint and am going to register a complaint with my insurance.  Using our voice is the one very good thing that we the 99% have going for us after all there is a lot more of us we just have to remember that and to start taking an interest in how we can change what is not good and how to reclaim our government from being ruling with an iron fist by the puppets of the 1% instead back to for the people by the people.  that isnt going to happen unless we continue to wake up



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