when did politicians stop caring what the people think

I belong to a site devoted to my state and whats going on  so they sent me an email entailing how this republican representive had accessed public records for email addresses and is emailing how our state needs to cut all entitlement programs and cut back on everything using false figures and it had a form to send that as a voter we thought his actions were wrong.  so I added that if a person had to stoop to using fraudulent means to try to persuade people to vote for him that he wasn’t someone I would want to vote for.  his response   DELETED and told me that after all he was doing voters a favor by pointing out what was wrong in his state and since I don’t live in his district he didn’t care what I thought and that it was my loss not his and that he was deleting me   did he not think that maybe I might know people who are in his districts did he forget that other people saw the same petition and he also forgot facebook you tube etc. where of course I will have to post what he said. but that is exactly whats wrong with our country. You are not in my district so I don’t care what you think and how dare I talk about how he got his email addresses because I couldn’t vote for him  and too many of predominitly  republican elected officials seem to think that like him they don’t have to care what the people think.  I really wonder what its going to take to get their attention and say hey look at us we are the 99% and we are angry we are done and we will be for the people by the people  thanks for reading this


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