the sleeping giant awakens


I am not sure why, but for some reason I kept thinking of an analogy concerning a sleeping giant that if awoken would be a very great force.  It dawned on me that in a way that is what the 99% movement is all about.  Since our news has been for quite a while very censored and slanted it is hard to realize that the 99% movement is world wide and we the 99% are the sleeping giant.  I would hope that more and more people world wide are waking up and realizing that we hold a very unique power that scares that 1% because they know what we are just starting to realize  there is more of us than them.  Sure they might have found a way to control the monetary aspects but they thought we would all just let them keep going on and if they had not become so greedy, who knows we might have just stayed asleep.  Just like a bell once rung can not be unrung,  we who are now awake will not go back to sleep.  I hope so much that there are countless people out there bloging and posting and signing petitions emailing and calling our elected officials and can only hope that in a small way I can help more and more people to wake up and unite together and take back our world from the greedy vampires that feed off of our struggles and our hard work and treats our earth as if it was a throw away enough is enough and everyone who ever reads this  please forgive my writing skills that are obviously not good and instead go yourself to see what your searches find and then start spreading the word that now is our time. Maybe like a sleeping giant, we are being slowly woke up and now it is up to us to first save our earth from the averice in our governments and the greed of that 1% that will stop at nothing in their search for more money and more power.  Do you think that they would ever thought that we the people would wake up and realize our power.  Now is the time search the internet news sites and public broadcasting and bbc world there are also many political sites but I think the most important way to learn and teach is by our blogs by our postings on facebook and one person at a time we become stronger.  The only thing that has ever stopped the sleeping giant from being woke up is that we did not have the power to communicate on a worldwide basis between the 99%.  And once woke up this sleeping giant is capable of taking our earth, our governments, and our lives and leaving the 1% behind.  What they fail to understand, is that the 99% do not want their belongings their money or the way that they live,  we only want fair share taxes,  guaranteed health care from birth, a good education and jobs that pay a fair wage, and they can go on in there world that is only for them, that ok because 1% of the world isnt  really very much.   Something I have noticed is that the 1% does not understand what taxes are for and even when they are told, they are incredulous that its not only right its morally right to provide for all to have the same basic human rights and the fact that the 99% realize that and are happy to pay taxes helps you understand how the 1% were able to bring the world to its knees because their money is only for them at the expense of everything else.  One thing for sure is that to succeed in anything you have to have faith and courage to make your dreams come true, but first your dreams need to be a path that gives back into the world and society and not a dream that only includes you and a select few and then great things can happen.    

So in my search for a new doctor mine retired and I didn’t know that her partner was taking on her patients. I went to the county health clinic their oversite committee says people should not take pain killers.  My doctors partner will see my newt week and gave me a weeks supply. I had forgoten how bad the pain can get, but am left with a fear of this happening again, and will try to find something that will give me the pain relief I need to be able to have a live and will start really looking in to it

thank you for taking the time to read this and please keep the faith and stay true to your dreams peace


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