discrimination in the government control of pain medications


I filed a grievance against the county I live in with my insurance company.  Since it’s a medicare hmo (I am on medicare and medicaid) I wanted to let them know what happened when I tried to change primary care and how I was denied pain medication when I brought the necessary paperwork and was told that it was not their policy to give pain medication until a urinary sample and aproval by an oversite committee and that would take at least 7 to 20 days.  She was astounded when I told her what happen at the clinic and that it is not right to deny pain control  I told her that my main concern that no one else be treated like a drug seeker,especially on medicare and  proper paperwork and also been on this regiment because I have no other medical recourse because of what is wrong with me.  I felt as if I was betrayed by the medical professionals and was gratified to know that my insurance company would stand up for my rights.  If you are going to demand ua to get your prescriptions then everyone should have to give a ua to get their scripts filled.  I should not be treated differently just because I have something wrong for me.  I  have no problem signing a contract saying I will only get my medicine at one place, but in a way I feel that I am being treated differently  I do not have to do anything to get my other prescriptions and since I have medical proof way too much proof and have already gone to a physcologist for a year back in 2005 to help me to not be so angry at the medical professionals because its too late and I cant be fixed, here take some pain pills.   I hope that somehow I can change what is happening in our country one step at a time and so I am going to try to sue the govermnent in my state for discrimination since only people that take pain medication have to to sign contracts take ua  and also be at the mercy of an oversite committee  whether or not you will be allowed pain medication.  that’s right its not up to my dr and it doesn’t matter that I have something wrong that’s very documented and that I have no other choices / the worst thing is that I would like so much to find a way to obtain  pain relief without narcotics    But instead I have no other options and there is never any mention of how you might be able to have some pain relief without it being a narcotic


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