what do we do as americans to take back our country

I started my day out as usual, going through my emails looking at all the sites  alternet  politico  care2  mother jones and the washington post.   What upsets me the most is to see that our house is still trying to get the keystone pipeline passed by attaching it to another bill, basically blackmail.  So lets see they are passing the stock act but that doesn’t apply to house speaker boehner?  Every time I see his cold frowning face and his so “what me attitude” and the fact that even though because of the internet we all know now how much money he has invested in keystone we also know that unreal amounts of money have been doled out to the house speaker and his cronies,and yet he still acts as if it doesn’t matter what he does.  There must be some way to let these people know that we the american taxpayer are done with politics as usual, and we realize that we have a voice.  I wish that it was easy to do this, but I am not sure how to do this, one thing for sure is we need to hold our elected officials and our president accountable. For starters lets take the money out of politics, and to prohibit money being doled out by lobby, by big oil and by any corporation or person.  When we allow money to run our politics we all suffer and it doesn’t take much of look to see what the tax codes that favor only the rich and corporations have done to our country. We the 99% are left to suffer no health care and the presidents health reform did not go far enough  medicare should be open to all people from birth and education should be getting more money not less our children are our future not big money and not a government controlled by greed.  I guess its left up to us the people to change our government back to a government for the people by the people


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