who do you turn to when the government becomes the enemy


as I was reading coverage of the nevada  GOP  I was struck again with the pure insanity that comes out of these new politicians.  What happened to running on principles stating what they will do to fix whats wrong.   All they seem capable of doing is trashing the president and how that’s their only goal.   One article I read asked some people at nevada what it would take to vote for president obama and the total hatred with no reason other than he needs to defeated.  You see I don’t think our president has gone far enough in any of his reforms.  We don’t need more insurance companies preying on the poor  no we needed a single pay system for all and if you want to spend more for private insurance, well that’s your right.  To hear some of the candidates speak, they infer that its not christion  to take care of those less fortunate, that its only to take care of other people when its someone beside themselves.  Whenever the government becomes so estranged from the needs of the many and only thinks with money for the top 1% and puts all their efforts into keeping big oil and large corporations happy, in all of history we see over and over that what happens if governments fail and the country is usually rife with anarchy and civil wars.  I don’t think anyone that is sane would think that is an option.  So the question is how do we as the people take back our government from politicians that have no sense of responsibility to the people.  For goodness sake I still boehner in the news crying about how he cant get the pipeline passed and all of the usa that listens to something beside fox news knows by now that he has investments in the keystone pipeline and he is not the only one but his investment is highest.   When a government becomes a puppet for big money we all suffer because the implicit blackmail of our politicians from this money gets their desired effect. You only have to look at public records and see that all the people that take handouts from big oil vote 100% in their favor on bills.   What we need is first health care and I don’t mean the shortsighted presidential plan, but a plan that would give all people from birth the guaranteed health care that is so needed.  Untill we have healthy people we cannot expect to thrive as a country.  The next thing that is needed, break up the monopolies that control our media. The next thing that is needed is to make people the most important part of our government.  I think its almost sinful the amount of money being spent not to help our country or its people, no this money which is in the 100s of millions is being touted as making it possible for a fair elections  fair? when people are hungry sick homeless jobless and uneducated this money would have made a difference to the people and could have created great things, but no we have candidates talking about how it’s the poor people that arent paying their fare share(romney  said that the 46million people that are below poverty should be paying taxes) and this from mr 13.5% tax rate and fox news said that if people are so poor then why are they getting gout (touted as a rich mans disease) poor peoples diets are high in fat and food that is highly processed because the food that would give the right kind of diet is out of reach by most people even if they are lucky enough to get food stamps.  So hey fox news we can help you understand real quick why don’t you go to the store and buy what you would be limited to because of lack of money and we will check back on you in a month and lets discuss again how people that are impoverished are just living high on their dime.   I am here to tell you that no one wants to have to exist on government funds.  For one thing its never enough to actually live on and each year sees more and more cuts to social safety net (what a laugh that is) I was injured in a car accident (I was a passenger) thru no fault of mine and worked for as long as I could before I had to accept that I was no longer able to work.  I get 718 a month so I am really living high on the hog.   I am saddened by our government and am afraid that it will only get worse.  So the question remains what can we as the people do to take back the government and once more be for the people by the people  peace and love


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