the 99% that’s us and we can use the web to spread the message

I am impressed at the rate of new people talking and sharing online and in person.  I am blessed and my grown children and their friends are  welcome friends and as I learn from them they learn from me and I think its important that those of that are older take the time to listen and to pass on knowledge gained by research into what is really happening In our country.  as one of my friends put it, a ripple of awareness is spreading out one voice at a time. That is what makes this time in our evolution so important because we are able to join together like no other time in our history and we are finding out that we can impact the world around by using our voice.  Sadly so many ultra wealthy think that we are envious of what they have and never realize that we are happy in our world and only ask that they pay their faire share pay decent wages support the government in a positive way no buying of votes or buying presidents.  We ask only that in their pursuit of their wealth that they don’do it by destroying our earth, by overcharging of their products,not outsourcing their products to other countries where they operate as a slave labor and then come back here and charge more than if you paid honest wages,  that you pay your share of taxes to keep our infrastructure updated. The most important thing is that the ultra wealthy understand that we the 99% are more than you and all your money will not buy our government and we are watching you all the time now. They probably are just now starting to realize that we the people are no longer a sleeping bear but instead we are awake and we are hungry for a world of peace for health care for all for a living wage for tolerance, and most important a world of love.   thank you and peace


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