war on and what happens next

the war on drugs the war on poverty the war on illegal alien the war on terror   I think that we in america are so used to hearing these tags that we have not seen the real damage done.  As is true in a war situation it takes a lot of money and creates  “soldiers” to fight in this war.  Therefor to keep the money coming and for the continued need for the solders the situation needs to be kept active thus if the war is won  No more money for these entities to keep operating.  Maybe we need to start taking these enormous amounts of money and people power and using them in ways to prevent poverty prevent rampant drug use to prevent terrorism and to prevent the entrance of illegal people.  One way is to make some things legal and then use ways to both educate and curb use of drugs to change our border tactics to one of you cross the border heres your papers and a ss card now go to work(thus ensuring that they wont be hired and used by companies to pay less and treat illegally) and poverty would be a nonexistant threat if all the money to war on poverty was instead put into health care from birth education that will get you an actual job and programs that reward people for working and learning new trades instead of cuting all benefits when someone is trying to pull theirselves up and out of povertys clutch.

I realize that some people in our country still look at a very skewed idea of what our country is about and the reality that is not ever shown in a truthful manner in our mainstream media.  Thank goodness with the advent of the internet more and more people are becoming aware of the real news. You know the ones that they would prefer that we not see.  If you are like me at first I was in total shock at what was really going on in our country. like a bell that cant be unrung  once your eyes are opened to the truth there is no going back. 

If someone would have told me a few years back that I would be writing a blog posting on facebook  researching the new bills and new laws and emailing and calling my states elected officials and even emailing our president  I would probably have laughed. Once I was shown the reality of our country and the unbelievable inequality in our country, I became hungry for the truth and now spend a good portion of my day searching the internet and sites that report in accurate detail so that I can pass on what I have learned. As I have said before I never post wanting someone to take my word for what I have found, instead I hope that it raises questions in the readers mind and thus they start their own search for truth.  I do realize though that many people don’t have the time I do to search(since a car accident 20 years ago I havent been able to work since 2001) and so then I feel a need to post what I have learned and to shake people up out of their unaware ignorant of facts and complacent and inertia of what can I do.  well there is a lot we can do  we can take the time to read the posts and links on facebook  we can email our elected officials we can sign petitions. If anyone thought their voice didn’t mean anything well think again.  In the last few months we have seen a larger and larger outpouring of petition signatures and emails to elected officials and we are changing slowly back to a government for the people by the people and the one thing we have to believe in and make work is BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE     

Now what does this have to do with our wars (poverty drugs illegals terrorist) It means that these wars have not been beneficial to american citizens and its time for all americans to stand up and be heard that we want to change the way we attack our social and economic ills. 
We need to stand firm in our desire to take back our governmnt from big money big oil and big corporations. We need to take the money our of being an elected officials. We need to change how these people are paid into a salary that matches what average americans make and they only get increases when the people see increases.  They should have no more vacation sick time medical insurance pensions than any other government workers.  Did we all forget that we the taxpayer pay their salaries? So why should we pay them more than a teacher than a firefighter than a paramedic than you or I when their job is to represent us not to lord it over us.  I have a feeling that our whole government would change. Its not going to happen overnight, but the sleeping giant that represents the 99% of the world is waking up all around the world and as we wake up those in the 1% are going to try everything they can to put us back to sleep.  I think they are wrong and as in an article I read stated  the world is becoming aware flexing their muscles look to what happened with the sopa bill and with komen  the outporing was world wide and we made them sit up and listen. 

So dear reader now is the time to make that ripple of awareness larger and larger.  Just think of yourself as a rock thrown into water and your message said to someone who tells someone else etc.  Keep up the good work on facebook on twitter on google plus and read blogs visit politicus and addiction web news and alternet and watch other news programs beside fox news I recommend bbcworld for unbiased world news  and although cnn used to be a good station for unbiased news that has been changing recently into media hatred.   as always thank you for taking the time to read all of this   peace and love in your life and never forget that it takes all of our voices





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