I think its time for all of our elected officials to take a drug and alcohol test each day before they work


sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it  but these same officials are asking that anyone that gets benefits like unemployment medicade food stamps., because after all they don’t want their hard earned taxes paying for someone else to have any pleasure  we WE THE TAXPAYERS PAY THEIR SALARY   so its time for them to take a drug and alcohol screen every day before they enter their office or the floor   Because after all we the tax payers want to make sure that they are not abusing the taxes we pay.  Oh and also they have to pay for these out of pocket just like they want to do to those that are already so poor that they have to apply for help.  For some reason our government and some groups of people think that poor people like being poor and on benefits when that is so way not true. On the other hand they seem to be on a mission to keep poor people poor and to keep letting corporations rape our country


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