pain in america the new war


I found out today that because some people in the government think that too many people take narcotic pain medication they should be harder to get.  Now mind you that most people do not want to have to take any kind of medication but sometimes you can be hurt or have a disease or cancer, but that no longer is the criteria used to for giving out medication.  Myself, its very hard to get around and riding in the car leaves me down for a while.  My problems started with my primary care resigning in december and new laws went into effect in january.  Now you have to be seen first and take a drug screening test and then maybe the next time you come in they might know if they are going to be able to help with pain control.  so I went to a dr today that is a 30 minute drive after waiting for a hour she said well you need to pee and I couldn’t so she said I would just have to come back and then right when my medical transport showed up I said let me try again and I did but now my dr wasn’t ready to see me and my ride cant wait more than 5 minutes so I had to leave with an apt for the 15th and then maybe they could help me because of the route it took over an hour to get home.  so I called the first place because its only 5minutes away and I go on the 14th. I don’t know if I can explain how it feels to be treated as if you are a criminal trying to get your fix. This means that I  will have to be in my wheelchair (I am only able to walk if I have good pain control because I am bone on bone in my spine and scolious and only 2 discs are not ruptered my facet joints are all bad and the nerves all up and down my back are in some places almost being severed.  I also have rhuematoid arthritus in my neck and rest of me and I have spondalitis in my spine and fibromylgia and sjrogens and also born with something wrong with spine and oh yeah then theirs the damage from the car wreck and the lingerng side effects from menigitis so you can see I am not just going in with a headache So bottom line don’t get in pain in america because it no longer matters what you have wrong they will also make me go in every month to get the prescription. so I have a choice I can be in unbelievble pain and bedriden or I can jump thru their hoops and have some quality of life so peace and love


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