what will it take for america to say enough already?


sometimes when I get done reading and searching out the the days news I get overwhelmed with sadness.There were so many attempts to gain profit at the expense of the earth. I am sorry but the jobs created wont matter if there is no earth .   From monsanto agriculture which by the way is scary. to  a coul train they want to run down our river from canada so they can ship it out of st helens and what do the people get out of it  nothing except the fallout from toxic coal dust. no big deal just our earth just our childrens health and keystone they are still trying to pass that even knowing that the country now knows why they want It to go thru  they are so smug and now I find out they want to be able to not have their information on their funds online.  I bet they do because then we wouldn’t know about the over 20M paid from the oil companys or boehner with his investments in fivie of the companys in keystone and several overs stand to gain because of property its quite obivious whos votes were bought so its up to us to keep up the work of search read and share the more people that know what is really going on the more power we the people have.  So please send the emails to the president to stand up for the people.  I wonder what would happen if we could stage a 1 hour stutdown of everthing well maybe just like 20 min just enough for that 1% to know who is really in charge


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