are you paying attention?


I think now more than ever its so important to pay attention to all that you hear you read you see and then have a way to find the truth. Its quite clear that if the government and big money could find a way they would shut down our ability to see what they vote on what they pass how they vote when it comes to the bribes they are given(I am sorry but that is the right word for the take-outs they take on a daily basis) and also to see what the real bill says not just what mainstream media tell us.  It is becoming harder than ever to get the real truth from mainstream media and if they had their way they continue to keep us ignorant. nothing worse than an educated 99% and then to make it worse that same 99% are able to communicate world wide.  Must have them terrified of what we will do when we find out the truth about their abuse of our government power.  What will it take to get everyone to step up and discover the truth and then help others learn until we have a world of people fully engaged in making our world not only a better place but a more loving peaceful world that we make sure if also a well earth  peace and love share it on


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