our government is becoming like china


I read with utter dismay that dhs (department of homeland security) is scanning all our posts to twitter and facebook(worse yet they have outsourced this to an outside company) they are holding a discussion on feb 16 on the hill to determine if this is legal and if its an infringement of our right to free speech.  Duh  and they have to hold a meeting to discus that. Obviously that makes me wonder are they going to come know at my door because if disagree with the way our government is operating.  Do I need to be afraid that they will bring military to my door because I promote peaceful change. here in oregon they want to make it a felony punish by up to 5 years if on twitter or facebook if you invite people to a protest.  Why would our government want to keep such tabs on its citizens and what can we do to prevent and stop this unwarrented acts of treason of our constitution. we are guaranteed under our constitution to the right of peaceful protests   we are not china and I would like to think that the american people will stand up and stop this government from becoming a china or a russia or a nazi germany   so its up to you and you and me and everyone to spread the word and myself I am going to email the president and ask do I have to be afraid because I write a blog against what our government is starting to stand for .  that’s a question we all need to ask ourselves are we willing to stand up for our freedom and civil rights and does that mean we will have to be willing to stand up to our military might in order to keep our freedoms  may of 1970 4 unarmed college student protestors were killed and 9 seriously injured by our national guard.  after that we the american citizens were assured that never again would that happen.  well look around you its happening  do you remember tianmen in china when the whole world watched in outrage well now our country is treating us the same way wanting to limit our freedoms monitoring our blogs our social media sites.  the question is why  and what are they so afraid of  are they afraid we might discover that the only terrorist is our own government. so please stand up use your voice send those emails call your elected officials and most importantly spread the truth I think that our government might have a hard time asking its military to kill american citizens but then again look what happened in 1970 and that was before department of homeland security. a quick question how many americans have been found to be terrorists or trying to take a bomb on an airplane  that’s right NONE  MAKES YOU WONDER WHY WE HAVE THESE AIRPORT SECURITYS AND WHY NOW THEY ARE OUTSOURCING AIRPORT SECURITY  the only reason for any of this is to stop citizens like you and I from becoming national security risks just because we disagree with our government.  Please if you read this do your own searches and then if what you find upsets you as much as me then please spread the word they cant kill everyone and there is by sheer numbers alone many more of us than then. and all the money in the world cant change that.  Its now time to speak out against our governments determination to trample all over our constitutional rights.  I laugh when the oafs that are candidates talk about our constitution and realize that they really have no idea what freedom is and that they are bound and determined that money and money alone will run our government  I might not have money but I have something better  love and peace because in the end that truly is what sets us apart from them


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