should we live in fear?

I still am haunted by the research i did today.  It wont leave me, this feeling like we are on a collision course with disaster.  We are so used to our freedoms that we take them for granted.  Will we be able to muster up the courage to fight back if needed? I have to tell you that i dont know how that would go, it doesnt even seem possible that we could come to live in a world without the freedoms we take so for granted.
Because of the freedoms people think we have, we have given them courage to protest their own governments, and in all those cases the countries involved have tried so hard to limit peoples ability to access the internet to access facebook or twitter. So when i read that our own government is constantly perusing all of our social media(facebook and twitter) for signs of social unrest..  Is not this what they do in those countries  that are fighting so hard for their freedom.  What will it take here in america for people to take seriously this threat to our freedom as an american citizen. For goodness sake they have the legal right to use military might against american citizens deemed hostile to our government.  That is way too broad a defination isnt it?  Would this blog be deemed hostile to our government and would they come knock on my door imprison me and anyone who read the blog?  Scary stuff and hopefull just the stuff of nightmares and hopefully there is time for all the 99% in the world to awaken and realize that the only people who will stand up for us is us.  We need to make sure that our voice is heard and that they (the 1%) are no longer able to rape our world for dissapearing fossil fuels.  We need to stand up for those less able to take care of themselves.  we need to stand firm in our desire for a free harmonious world and that starts within each and every one of us.  so peace and love and thank you for your time


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