so its wrong for egypt to not allow protests but its alright for our government to not allow us to protest?

I read with interest the situation in egypt. what caught my attention is that our countries government is condemning the actions in egypt and yet at the same time they monitor our facebook and twitter to make sure that we are not being hostile to our government. sorta double standard isnt it.  that makes me wonder if what they are really trying to do is what egypt iran iraq china the list goes on but the bottom line is that they are shutting down the social media sites they are arresting outsiders saying that it’s the outside contacts that are incenting their people to rebel.  of course the truth is quite clear.  that 1% that thinks they rule the world are afraid. they are afraid of us because they know that if we ever figure it out, they will be outnumbered.  that is the one thing for all of us to remember and that is this  WE ARE MORE THAN THEM DUH  THAT’S WHAT 99% MEANS AND THERE IS ONLY 1% OF THEM    they might control the money but money is not everything and in fact they can keep their money but and this is the big but  you see they cant live without us, think about it  we drive their vehicles we deliver their goods to market we serve their food to them heck we make the food they eat  and while we can survive I am not so sure that they could.  and that is something we all need to remember and to remember that many people have given their lives so that we could be free and we cant let their sacrifice to be for nothing.  I have faith in the human race and think that we will be able to figure out how to have a world in harmony and how to teach those that hate how to love might as well dream big right  well night and peace and love


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