why do we try to hide from the truth?


I thought of that earlier, reading an article on how a few ultra right consertiives religious try to mold the world to their standards only.  Then I wondered why do we ever afford them any chance to speak for what other americans think and do.  Are we thinking that if we hold silent they will just go away. Well that for sure is not working and I am often afraid that a tipping point will have been met and it will too late to stop the full out attack on all we as americans think that america stands for.  What I am left with is a question at how to vocalize the majority voice so that it rings pure and clear for the whole world to hear.  I am encouraged by the amount of participation  from people from all segments of our world and that it seems to be increasing daily.  Hope I think can drive more than anything else and so the hope that we are seeing the age of awakening is full of hope and so its up to all of us to sound the bell to speak out against injustice to stand with others in support of what is right not the extreme right or left or 1% or 99% but 100% right. why is it that the 99% are aware that it takes all of us to make the world go around and the 1% think only of theirselves and can see no need for unification or to think of others so maybe we have to work a little harder to cover their lack of love   peace and thank you and please if you have questions or you know what I don’t know or if you think I am wrong please comment please seek out truth never take my word for anything because I want you to question and seek and in turn spread the truth you see and thus enabling a very wonderful awakening of the 99% of humanity that has been the sleeping giant for much too long.


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