how to find the truth in a corrupted media that spouts lies at every turn

I spent my morning as I always do checking the emails going to the different sites that I have been able to find the truth.  You would think that it would no longer come as a shock that our government is so corrupt that they control what our mainstream media tells us. Why do you think that they are trying to control our internet and why they are trying to push thru laws that limit out right to peaceful protest and by laws to allow military force on any american citizen deemed hostile to our government.  It is now up to those of us willing to find the truth then to pass along to all we know and meet and communicate with so that others will also take up the fight to take back america for all americans not the 99% or the 1% but all americans working together to create the usa we deserve and need.  Its past time to relieve all the corrupt government officials and replace them with non millionairs and with officials elected by the people and heres the kicker FOR THE PEOPLE  Sometimes the sadness at what has happened to my country is overwhelming, and sometimes I want to go back to when I still believed the lies that our media tells us, back to a time when I didn’t know that our country has bullied and raped other countries purely for control of oil OIL  not to help other countries but instead to try to enact laws and help put people into power that are acceptable to our governments every request for oil;  We need to put all of our efforts into researching and creating non fossil enviroment friendly and inexpensive   not keeping a disappearing disastrous for our earth fossil fuel.  Of course big money is terrified by this and well they should be because it’s the sign that they cant continue to control with a heavy hand what our government and 1% do in their persuit of the almighty dollar (but of course because of they our dollar is no longer worth a dollar) What Is so sad is that there are people in the usa that do not know that the biggest lies of all come from our very corrupt government officials and mainstream media that really they are doing whats right and we just have to get rid of these pesky enviroment people because its really ok  yeah well wake up america  WE CANNOT MAKE A NEW EARTH and unless you plan to live in newts space camp we need to resume control of our government while we still can its up to you and me and all the rest of the 99% in the world to enact laws that protect our earth as always peace and love


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