only one women allowed at birth control hearing


when you think that our elected officials could not stoop any lower, they surprise us with this hearing led by senator issa  to determine what should be done with contreceptives.  First these are men for goodness sake and what century do they live in.  When a few men and some catholic bishops can stop our government from tasking the real problems that face our country, you have to wonder why.  Well I think that they are so intent on getting rid of our president that they have lost all reason.  For goodness sake what ever made these people think that for one that birth control is against religion?  I looked and there is no mention in the bible that birth control is sinful, and instead I found over and over again that we are to love all people and that all people are equal and we are to care for those unable to care for themselves.  The catholic church has a long history of hating women and it still is active obviously. The only conclusion that I can come to is that these corrupt greedy bigoted men are afraid of women and they figure that there are enough hate filled men in the usa that will back them and I think that they will be surprised by the reaction of the american women. Did they forget we vote? Do they think that we will not see that they are still trying to pass thru the keystone pipeline or that they are quietly attacking all of amercan citizens and are still trying to censor the internet.  Did you know that they want to make it illegal for their information to be on the web. They don’t want us to know how much money they take from big oil or wall street or the koch brothers.  They don’t want us to know how they vote and they hate it that we can see clearly what they are doing and what they are not doing. I think that they still think that somehow they can go back to when they  worked hid from us what they were doing. Are they really so stupid? The answer is yes. Look at the governor walker that refuses to even acknowledge that a whole lot of people signed the recall petition something like a million people and he still acts like its no big deal and even is going to use the money from mortgage fraud settlement meant for the people not for his use to pay on debts.  Or michigan where the corrupt governor has taken control of several cities even detroit because he calls it emergency measures and puts a person in and fires all the elected officials. That is against all of our rights and yet he thinks that he is untouchable and he can do as he wants. Well thanks to the internet people are finding out what he is doing and I can only hope that enough attention is brought to bear and he will be removed from office.  What is happening to our country? The people in the news and people are using racial slurs and trying to prevent people from being able to vote freely, they are trying to shut down our internet and they don’t even try to hide their corrupt ways, for example how about house speaker boehner, even though people now know that he has investments in the keystone pipeline and he is still trying to pass it thru. Our hope now relies on all of us finding our voice and letting our government know that we are done letting them trash our country and we are tired of their corrupt good old white boy tantrums and we need to all become involved in making sure that they know what we the people want and we need to do whatever it takes to keep our internet safe from censorship and most of all we need to research the bills and we need to keep posting on facebook and most of all stop watching mainstream media and instead I would suggest bbc world news pbs and sometimes msnbc and there are several good sites on the internet to find factual news with no bias and no brainwashing.  As you probably guessed I have been busy all day signing petitions, posting and reading what people are saying. I wish I could tell you that all people that comment are intelligent and nice but that would be a lie.  Sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach because there are people out there that really think its ok to limit womens personal health and that its ok for men and a church to try to decide what a women can or not do.  Most of all I am sad. When I was a little girl I still remember when school were segregated and was so proud of the people that marched and fought for the civil rights and they succeeded and birth controll came about early 70s and now here in the 21st century I am watching in horror as bigotry and women hating are now once more in our lives. Thank you for reading and I hope that peace and love are in your life


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