occupy protests in other countries


one thing I thought about when I was reading the accounts of the brutality of the police in spain, was that our country has said nothing, not in greece not really in egypt.  So I am wondering if the reason we do not hear is because they have their own plans to use force if needed to deny us our right to peaceful assembly to address the government with our concerns.But do we really have the freedoms we think we do  They signed the acta law in 2006 in secret without our knowledge or input. That is not the way a democracy works.We have to wonder then what else have they done in secret.  Maybe the best thing to come out of the internet and facebook age is the interacting between people. The ability to search and find the real news, not the fox news not the political babel and we are finding out that quite a few of our elected officials are corrupt.  One of the more outrageous corruption of a democratic government is in michigan.  The governor there is under the impression that we are a feudal government where the elite govern the peons  He has stripped the schools stole the money gone in and taken over cities even detroit under the guise of emergency management. Only problem is that they come fire everyone mayors etc bring in their own corrupt ferrets that totally strip everything leaving the citizens without all that is guaranteed in our country.  He has privitized the schools stolen the money meant for the upkeep of the cities and thinks he is above all laws.  Is he?  Sometime it seems that maybe people like him like gov walker like speaker boehner like sen issa land like all the other corrupt officials that take blackmail invest in projects like keystone and then even though we the people are finding out they keep going like it doesn’t matter. Do they think just because the mainstreem media does no real reporting just the drivel that their owners tell them to say, that there is a whole lot of us on the internet and sharing when we find the truths. So what will it take to bring them to justice. Will our government be brutal in its stamping out of our freedoms or will our government prove to be the democracy we were taught in school we were or will we become like any other 3rd world country ruled by the very few top elite and the military.There was a day when I thought that could never happen here.  Lately I have become afraid that there isnt enough of us that see the truth so I try to do my part I research and share and most of all each day I fill with love and peace and work hard on helping others to have lives of peace and love  so thank you if you took the time to read this and peace and love be in your life


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