is it really any surprise that gas at the pump is higher?

Remember late last year hearing that since we had a surplus oil was being sold overseas.  Then I remembered that I read that they had to drain the holding tanks so that keystone could come thru. Did you ever wonder why big oil was so in favor of a canadian company and what was in it for them. Well they knew that they would be able to rise gas by at least 25 cents a gallon,and that was before what is happening in iran.  So is it really any surprise that after knowing this and the knowledge that big oil would do anything to get a president (who is willing to listen to the enviromental conditions ) that is not doing as they bid.  Personally I think that our president is not strong enough when it comes to enviromental issues.We cannot make a new earth, we cannot replace what we are damaging and if big oil and the ultra rich who try to rule this world with a iron hand our world will die. I feel that we have a responsibilty to our grandchildrens grandchildren to have a world to live in.  How then do we, american citizens of the 99% enact the changes needed to create and foster a world wide comunication that would lead to a world at peace filled with love and the knowledge that we are stewards of the earth.  I firmly believe our true purpose is to love and to share harmony and peace and to ensure that our world is healthy in all ways  we need a world that is for the 100% with health care for all and food and shelter and education  can you imagine what a beautiful world that would be.  Do I really think that it could happen  I don’t know I would like to dream that it could    

thank you for taking the time to read this

peace and love


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