how come some people believe that our president is so bad


Personally I don’t know of any person that when coming into the job, and having it be in severe trouble from mismanagement would have been able to do any better.  Yet for some reason way too many people believe that our president caused what happened and that hes not really american and that hes not christian enough.  Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about a president that earned the nobel prize for peace in 2009 or that our economy is better, or how about that he actually did save the auto business and he did not start the wall street bailout. I was reminded today that even sane otherwise not stupid people can be brainwashed by mainstream media.  I was in shock because she said after hearing ron paul speak she was going to vote for him. When I countered with  Are you kidding have you researched him at all do you know his senate history and do you know about the hate material he is connected to and she countered with anyone is better than obama she hated him and he has done nothing good and she would not vote for him. 
When I countered back that she should really research and see what is really true. It was as if I was talking to the wall. She was not only unwilling but adamant that she knew that ron paul was really good and she sent me one of his site links.  I think what really made me sad is this is a very sweet christian person who truly believes in the bible and yet she could be so fooled and sucked in to what so many of us are able to decipher as false.  My problem, my question is how to educate the public that still is convinced that mainstream media is telling them the truth. How to get peoples attention before its too late.  If we do not vote carefully and if we do not stay on top of washington and their bills and their opinions we will loose a battle for the freedoms we so take for granted.  I think that is what scares me the most and I wonder would our military open fire on us the citizens if the government told them too. So my question is what do we as part of the 99% do to help the rest of the 99% wake up before its too late.  Our real chance at freedom lies in keeping the internet up and free from censorship and to use our ability to communicate worlwide. Never forget that each voice is just as loud as the next and it takes all of our voices to get their attention. I honestly think that there is a chance still for humanity to wake up and use our voice to help create the world we know can exist    so peace and love and thank y ou


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