when did people get so crazy


after a day spent reading links and posting and comments I have come to the conclusion that there are some way crazy people out there.  If the debates werent enough to know that there are some seriously unhinged people out there.  The candidates and their vying for first place in the crazy list is bad enough, but I think whats worse is the people that cheer for racial slurs and applaud at death committees and now its ok to say that after all we need people to take our garbage and fix our cars and serve us our food so they don’t need to go to college for that.  Whats scary is these were just so called regular people that came up with those comments and by reading the posts its also clear that there are a lot more people than I thought with the attitude that we need to cut all regulations and we have to give corporations breaks so they will have their company in our state or the best one that you still have some people  buying into is they are the job creators.  In the world I live in we have a multimillionaire governor in my state who lets the very wealthy get very deep tax cuts and data centers like facebook pay no property taxes and get a reduced corporate tax rate, this while our schools are being cut again our medicade is facing deep cuts and unemployment is still high.  So what I want to know is wheres the jobs wheres the trickle down and why should multimillionaires not have to pay their fair share and I am sorry when is too much enough  why should corporations that post profits in the outrageous category be given tax cuts and tax breaks.  I think its time for all of us to start really paying attention and raise our voice (emails postings and sharings and signing petitions count as our voice) I pray every day for the people that comprise the 99% to wake up and realize before its too late that we have the opportunity to make real changes, but we can also be blindsided by the crazies so its good to know what they  are thinking and most importantly its good to try to open their eyes one crazy at a time   thank you  and peace and love be in your life


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