the united states wouldn’t sign UN health mandate


I am ashamed to admit that before I had access to the computer and before facebook and all the wonderful online sites, I didn’t know this.   Yes you saw right the usa was the only country not to sign the UN mandate that all human beings deserve guaranteed health care from birth and its thru the government.  Our country refused to sign this.  It gets better I also learned that after world war 2 both germany and japan were required to adopt the bill of rights 2 by fdr that required guaranteed health care by the government among other rights that were not mandated for us the people of the usa because the president died before they were implemented into law. So I don’t know about you but I sorta feel like our government started selling out the people and instead let money begin to dominate all parts of government; not the kind of money a government should get to help its citizens you know those pesky citizens whose tax money has been intended since the beginning of our country.  our tax money was never intended for inflated salaries of elected officials or for unpaid for wars it was intended instead so that the government could best help its citizens like health care(early sailors paid a sur charge tax and in the return the government provided health care) so many people forget that we fought for our freedom from taxation without representation  corporations and religions were both equally deemed by the founding fathers as to be harmful the operation of the government and before the changes and deregulations thru the centuries and especially within the last 50 years provided that a corporation could only be in business for 20 years  it was a crime for anyone or any corporation to give money to anyone that was an elected official(today its called big oil thankyou money to the tune of over 20million that we know of)also churches paid taxes and there were no provisions for any religious interference in the government as we were guaranteed to the right of our religious belief without fear of retributation

Now though we have a country ruled by the most selfish fanatical cruel people that actually have a following of the citizens. I think now I might have a better idea of how nazi germany came into being.Maybe like now the sane rational people just considered them to be a temporary faze something that surely die out and and it didn’t.  Do I compare now to then in a strictly literal sense  no instead I am saying that maybe we shouldn’t be so dismissive about the alarming fact that this candidates do have followers people that boo and hiss and cheer at all the wrong things things that are racist cruel and totally uncaring and they call themselves religious right 

So how can we the sane people that have become awakened to the reallity of the world that surrounds us wake more people up  I think that is our only hope because when you open just one persons world to the world as it really is then that person etc  and I would like to think that anytime we put in writing words that create a movement of intellectual and feelings we are making a change  I can only hope that it is enough  lately I have been reminded that this was foretold as the age of enlightenment in many cultural prohesys

I wonder then does that make us all part of a wonderful plan that would enable the people of the world to wake up and take back our earth and our world and the 1 to 2% whose only means of power or energy  is money then that’s ok their money is theres but in a 100% world the earth would come first then second a basic human being bill of rights with health care education food housing and jobs and peace and most importantly a whole lot of love   so as usual thank you for taking the time to  read this and peace and love


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