the semantics of words

I read a really good posting concerning how republicans are using words  for example:  Obama care    instead of the healthcare reform mandate universal health care.   See what I mean? Or class warfare   or fair pay for work or you make more you pay more taxes, stealing from the rich, or making the 1% pay taxes. See what I mean? The problem is that our government in collusion with the media, have created a government based on fear and making the 99% pay for the 1% to be nothing but parasites. Does that sound too harsh? It shouldn’t, as they fit the description of a parasite: some thing or some body that lives off the host. What most people seem to not know is that unless the 1% pay their fair share of taxes, they give nothing back and have nothing to do with how the economic market runs. In sheer numbers alone, the money that is spent and paid in taxes, far outnumbers, the paltry few 1%. Yet they hoard I have read as much as 90% of the wealth, leaving the 99% to exist on the 10% left. So, the only way then, that the 1% impacts the economic market in a positive manner is when they pay their taxes. Their tax rate has to go back to before president Reagan, and the tax breaks on capitol income or hedge funds or inheritance need to end. Then, we need to cease all subsidies to anything, unless its for clean non fossil fuel research. The oil companies posted the highest ever profits, and yet are still not only raising the price at the pump but still being given subsidies and tax breaks. Then there are the large corporations that thru tax breaks pay nothing, In my state, Facebook has a data storage warehouse, did that help our state. No, it didn’t, they don’t even have to pay property tax, because after all they are the job creators, the money trickles down. Well, where are the jobs? Where is that money? Oh that’s right, in their bank accounts, probably overseas.  Corporations that outsource should have to pay a punitive tax. So I come back to semantics. The republicans led by the poster boy for a 1% prostitute, have set forth a budget that will once and for all destroy our country. Its obscene the way they continue to flaunt their allegiance to the 1%. They know that Americans are seeing what they are doing, and they don’t care. In their arrogance , its like a slap to the face of the 99%, saying that they care for only the 1%. More of the ‘let them eat cake’ rhetoric. As they have in their war on women, now this war on American people, they show no shame, and act as if there is nothing we can do. Well, they are wrong. There is a lot we can do to change what is happening in Washington.We need to use our very powerful voice to enact the changes we need. It should be apparent now to many, that signing petitions, emailing your elected officials, emailing the president, calling these same people, does make a difference. Imagine if you will, that all of the 99% raised there voice in unison. We can and we must change our government and take back our democracy from money.  There is a lot of talk about the constitution, and how it doesn’t call for taxes or for as some people that post say is charity,but they are wrong. The states came together to insure that the people would be better provided for. That it would be easier to enact taxes with one government to oversee. Originally, church’s were taxed, and corporations had to disband and start over after 20 years. In fact there is a precedent for taxes for health care. Sailors at that time paid into sailors health care fund. The original hospitals for public use were set up by taxes. We did not revolt over paying taxes. We revolted against taxes without representation.

So semantics, and the damage that can be done by a party that is nothing better than a prostitute with the 1% as its pimp.  So for me, I will keep trying to get the truth out to as many people as I can. Next time someone calls it Obama care, tell them its affordable heath care reform. Next time they say the government  is to big, say instead, no its too small.
When a republican says that it cares about the lives of the 99%, you only have to point out that it’s the republican party’s love affair with the 1% that brought our country to this dismal spot. Once before the 1% were allowed to destroy the economy, too similar to now, and that led to the great depression. Many of the regulations removed in the last 30 years have led to the failed economy and the 1%with their ability to corrupt our government has taken the market to its knees, just like before. So, no we don’t need more of the same kind of failed policy’s, we need to change before its too late, back into a country to be proud of. I don’t know about you, but lately its not easy to feel proud to be an American citizen.  As usual thank you for your time reading this, and please peace in your life.




As I was reading thru comment after comment on several different sites, I was struck with the ignorance and hatred. Is it to be blamed entirely on our biased mainstream media? I think yes. The amount of fear based reactions to everything from race to education to health care to the government role, breaks down much too often, to people brainwashed from what they think is news. When the coo of fox news publicly claimed that he used the media to put his mission for the government and the country. That statement should scare every American, because how can we expect people to vote when they have been lied to. These people really believe that the government is this monster that needs to be out of their lives. What they don’t know is that the 1% is laughing all the way to the bank . They are laughing, because they were able to remove all the regulations in place to protect the 99% from the avarice of the 1%. We need a strong government, one that represents the people, not a government controlled by money. We need our taxes to be used for the good of the people, and it will take all of us to wake up those still caught in the zombie land, and to get everyone to vote. The only problem is that the fox news is still on their brainwashing mission and they have done such a good job, that it is hard to get thru to these people, and some there is no rescuing..  So how do we, as American people of the 99% that are not still zombies make sure that our government is taken away from the hands of the true parasites of the world(the 1% whose only value comes when they pay their fair share of taxes) and we get rid of those in government that have so corrupted by the 1%. Its time for the 99% to stand up to the parasites and make sure they know, we will allow them as long as they pay their fair share in taxes, but we will no longer let them bleed the economy dry by taking all the money, all the recourses, no, now is the time to vote sensibly and still what do we do about al the zombies that will vote the way fox news tell them?   Peace in your life



I wonder just how many people have bought into the idea that the protest is just by homeless leeches on society. After all, that’s what mainstream media says, and way too many people are willing to believe in that mindset. What’s interesting to note, is that this has happened before.  It happened before that groups of people with an actual complaint did a occupy protest, only have read of that one. I not only lived thru the protests of the late 60’  /early70”s but did on occasion march in Portland. The media did the same thing, labeled them as hippies, tree huggers, criminals and socialists. Very few today remember what happened in Ohio State university. 4 students were murdered by the national guard. and many more injured. These protesters were unarmed and peaceful, and now our government has granted themselves the legal right to do that again. The protestors are trying raise peoples awareness of what is happening in our country. They are trying to wake people up before its too late? That’s what is important about the protesters, it’s the awareness of the huge inequality in income, its big oil and wall street with their money corrupting our government, it’s the fair wages for labor that are not being paid, it’s the taxes that are no longer fair, it the fact that the wealthy 1% have basically bought our government. Most important, is that they have the ability to arouse the Americans out of their bubble that fox news and its ilk have created here in the use. I can no longer march, but I can post comments, read others comments, do the research and then share what I find, to go on the links and share the links with my friends on Facebook.; If Americans don’t wake up soon, we will no longer have the ability to make our voice heard. Although I think they would have a hard time jailing or killing us all, the government has given itself the power to enable military force to be used against American citizens deemed hostile. Back when they killed those 4 Ohio students, they didn’t have the legal right, and now they do. welcome to 2012 the year we lost our rights as a free democracy, because too many people were so zombie by the fox news rhetoric that we could not wake them up.



When I read that several of the top wall street banks were investing in Facebook, I was worried that they would try to censor Facebook. Then I realized, that the reason they were investing in Facebook, is that they had dollar signs in their eyes.  So when I read that our loving government was looking into ways to shut down Facebook, because they are afraid that we are banding together with the occupy movement to bring the truth to the American people, I was worried.
Then it dawned on me. Mark Z, creator of Facebook, knew what he was doing. By involving companies that represent the 1%, they have a vested interest in keeping Facebook alive and working. They know that the amount of money they make off of us, would be gone if we the people stop using Facebook and Google search engines. We make these companies a fortune, as they sell our info to corporations greedy for a way to get more ads out on our page.  What would be the reaction of the 1% to the removal of such income? Maybe they are the best protection we have against a government that is afraid of its citizens. They realize that the money train would stop, if we no longer used Facebook. So since our government has been corrupted by the 1%, will they then go against this money? Somehow I think no.  The government is so intent on squashing American’s from protesting what is happening in our country, that they forgot to ask the 1% for permission.  What would happen if our government should succeed with their newest bill, meant to close down the internet, and its sole purpose to keep people from communicating, and to keep us from knowing in advance what they are planning and what bills they are considering in the congress.  Maybe, then, the 1% actually become a friend to the American people, because they do not want this money train to end What would all the companies do that have jumped onto that bandwagon, with Facebook pages, and the money they make from ads that are now on every smart phone and on every Facebook page. The 1%, is after all, only about the money.Do they care about out our freedom? The answer is no, but they also realize that if the internet is closed down, the market would also close down.

So here’s a big thank you to the 1% and wall street crooks. 

thank you for your time to read this and peace be in your day.


Going through the rounds today, from article to links to postings and commenting, I was struck with one thought. What if our voice isn’t loud enough, and the republicans gain total control of our government? What if that horrid man Grover Norquist  gets his wish, and a puppet president is put in place? Will our country survive that kind of president? One thing for sure, it makes me even more committed to helping others find their way out of fox news zombie land. The amount of open racist hateful and so ignorant comments that I read, actually leave me feeling dirty.  What’s worse is they have no shame, and see nothing wrong with their words, their opinions and worst of all is they believe they are born again Christians. Does that mean that somehow you loose all comman sense and you become a creature dominated by hatred, racist and controlled by raw greed coupled with a complete lack of understanding of the real nature of our country.  Fox news and their companions in this media brainwashing zombie causing citizens have outdone themselves. They are able to get their viewers to believe anything they say.
They take facts and present them as fake and take lies and provide them as truth.
As a non resident in fox news zombie land, its hard to understand how anyone with half a brain could be so brainwashed that they would vote for people that plan to take away benefits they depend on. How do we as non zombies combat such craziness and how can we rescue these poor misguided souls, or do we just try to scream extra loud, so that the majority of Americans can have the country we deserve.  We the people can and will use our voice and once more have a government that is for the people by the people. But again, what happens if we fail. Do we become second class citizens waiting on the wealthy to occasionally pass down some crumbs. Do we become a theocracy with the republican Taliban? Sometimes lately, I have even daydreamed about moving to Canada. Course that takes money and that’s one thing not in great quantities in my life. So I will continue to use my voice and hope that all the other non zombies are using their voice. thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  peace and love in your life



As I read through todays articles and postings, I was astonished at the depth our government is willing to go.  When did it ever become legal to own as property the citizens in a country. I have looked and still cant find a property of the government tag on me. Can you?  I think that one question that keeps me asking is why? Why now, when we are facing great economic distress, would our government go crazy on trying to regulate women. Are they afraid of women, is that the problem. Do they think they can keep us from voting and at the same time influencing those around us? When I ask that question, I can find no good answer. Is this their way of trying to divide the country, thinking in this way they can become the puppet president that Grover Norquist has stated so well that is needed so that the house and senate can do as they want and the president just signs his name. The fact that this man even said this is bad enough, but the fact that it has  been publicly recorded, with no real outcry against such a remark is telling of the media that is in our country.  Well I plan to bring up over and over again the remark he made, so that all people can be educated as to the real purpose behind our government.  Hopefully, they will find, that people will not only vote in record numbers but also will vote out all the corrupted politicians and replace them with people willing to be for the people by the people. Do we have a chance of that? I hope so. I hope so.  well thanks for reading and peace

can our voice be loud enough


I am left sad and weary after reading thru todays postings and articles.  If I would have been told that there really are very uneducated and totally brainwashed people that would actually believe that for one that our president is Muslim, that he is foreign and of course you know he is black. Well one out 3 is right. During my reading, on several sites I read that the republican party relies on the blue collar worker(without college degree) that are ‘born again Christian evangelical) Why would that be? Probably because that is the only people that can be successfully brainwash.  These people were proud to say that they were bigots. How could anyone be proud of that?  Sadly is the fact that the republicans do want to keep people at poverty level(when you are barely surviving you don’t pay much attention, I guess) uneducated, unhealthy(that way we die young) and they want the citizens to be brainwashed by the media(controlled by the ultra rich) The educated person, with the ability to find their way out of fox news zombie land is the enemy. After all we might point out and educate some of their important the reality that exists when you leave fox zombie land. To be honest, I read through some of the most hate filled and totally without brains comment that I have ever read.The experience left me sad, tired and with a blinding headache. I can only hope and pray that each time we post or comment or post links to the truth, that more and more people will come out of that fox news zombie land and become part of the voice. Our voice,the 99%, can be loud enough to change the world. But for tonight, it doesn’t seem possible.  peace