welfare kings and queens? senate and house?


I read a comment and loved it and had to share.  It asked why is it that the bigest welfare cheats who rely entirely on entitlement (they havent paid into it) our tax money pays the cheats in government wages.  Not only that, we pay for them to have top of line health care 60 plus vacation paid days  pensions without their paying into and on top of that over 41% are millionaires.  So it would seem that they are parasites living off of our country, passing bills that only favor the top tier, allowing big oil and corporations free reign to destroy our earth and when we protest they call us names you know those horrible enviromentalists they just want to keep you from work. 

We cant make another earth and the way our government and the top tier of the world is going we wont have an earth that can continue to sustain. back to the corrupted greedy men and women in the government offices that we pay with our taxes   I don’t know about you but that makes me mad  they need to have no frills no paid for top of the line health care only get paid what the average american worker makes get only the basic workers work package I wonder if then they might vote just a little different  and I almost forgot make it illegal to give a present to give money etc to and elected official. 
also I want religion and the fanactical out of our government  how about you

I really have no clue if anyone reads this and if you do thank you for taking the time and please feel free to leave comments   most of peace and love


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