what happened to nice guy politicans


When did being rude angry  bigoted and stupid become the norm for politicians. What happened to running campaigns where the candidates debated the problems facing our country and how to fix it?  Instead we get woman bashing, racial slurs, outright hatred in the guise of religion and ignorance of the problems facing our country. 

These are the things that our country needs to address: 

universal single payer health care for all citizens  this is very important our government and media have lied to us for generations now.  How come if their care is poor their life expectancy is going up  and ours is going down.  That’s right they lowered the life expectancy in the united states.  Infant mortality has risen and yet has lowered in the countries that have universal health care. 

Education    we will be unable to keep up with the world unless we start to provide free education even college  the pay off will be huge if coupled with health care and education we will once more have a workforce that will be ready to compete in the world market.

We need to provide the basis for those in poverty to be able to escape the clutches.  Within 20 years we would be a much better country and we would be able to succeed in this new world.

the next thing we need is to restructure our government as far as their pay and benefits go their salary should not be more than an average americans pay.  they should be on the same insurance as the people they govern. How can we have respect for people that have taken money from big oil and big pharm and big agra the list goes on. Untill the people in government are made to live like the average american they cannot grasp what its like to not have enough food money to buy good healthy food and you must choose between paying for health care costs or eat.

lastly we need to make those that make more pay more. That is the only fair solution and one that those of us in the ranks of the 99% know only too well. With the money we would take in extra tax monies and the money we would save by sharply shaving the elected officials in public service to the salaries that an average american makes. no more subsidies for any of the big “names” and at no time should there ever be money or gifts being given to these public servants 

Will we get these things ever, I don’t know.  I think that we have the chance now before us as never before to make a difference. Every blog that someone reads or writes every posting on facebook or on different political sites and everytime you click on a link and learn something new and you in turn share it with others brings us closer to the 99% finding their true voice and doing what that 1% has always know and are terrified that we the people are finding that voice and also finding out that we may not control the money but by sheer numbers we so overpower them and maybe finally the sleeping giant is waking up   thank you for reading this and of course I have no idea if anyone does read.  but if you do thank you   and peace and love


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