can nice people still be politicians in the united states

When i was the local rite aid earlier today, a man went by wearing a man skirt.  What struck me was that of course i didn’t stare or say anything that would be rude and intolerant and just not nice.  Earlier i was reading an article that was putting forth the premise that santorum could win just because those of us that are not only sane but know how to live a life being nice to put it simply don’t give them the attention we should. While we are looking away and saying things like he’ll just go away how could anyone take someone with such outrageous ideas seriously.  I would like to keep thinking that, but i have noticed that people like him and his ilk don’t play nice. They have no tolerance no love and think nothing of being rude and obnoxious in their pursuit of letting you know that their religion and there beliefs are the only right ones to have and have no compunction telling the rest of us that we are damned if we don’t follow them.  It seems like that somehow they got lost from what a life of sincere faith is about.  So i am back to my original thought, does our own niceness and sincere faith have a chance against such outright fanatical opinions and people who have no thought as too would be hurt by their world view, and in fact think it their duty to make us conform to their way or the highway.   I would like to think that doing things the right way will always win out but i do wonder how about you   so thank you and peace and love be in your life



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