our government is passing bills that restrict our right to protest

Today as i was making my way through all the sites that i scour daily in my search for truth.  What i discovered was shocking to say the least. They passed through the house and senate a law limiting occupy protest and made it illegal to be anywhere that special services are protecting, whether the president or the presidential candidates.  What is happening here? This is what we expect from china or soviet union or any 3rd world dictatorship, but not in a democracy.  Is it too late for us to get back to a democracy or have we waited to long and now we will be unable to protest and unable to press our government for fair treatment and for relief from corrupted public servants.  It’s clear that our government has given up any pretense that we are a democracy.  Not only are they passing bills that are taking away our right to peaceful assembly they are at the same time helping a foreign company go around our president and try to take american citizens land saying its corporate law. Last time i looked our presidents law would trump any kind of corporate law, much less a foreign corporation.  This keystone pipeline is an environmental disaster it also was never intended for the consumption of american citizens. No this was a way for a corporation to increase their wealth at the expense of the earth and american citizens and to pocket great profit selling it overseas.  What will it take for american citizens to wake up, stop watching fox news and start researching the bills and oil risky drilling and pipelines and then when you find what i know you will find, share with all you know and thus one person at a time  we can change the world

so go out and search and share and learn and hopefully with the 99% finding out that we may not control the money, but we have something better and that is   sheer overpowering numbers of people and all the money in the world will not silence our voice.
They are so afraid of us, and i don’t think many people are aware of that fear. When we all wake up and use our voice together we can and will make a change in our world. We can and should have a world of peace and love . a world that takes care of the earth and her people.  It is possible one posting at a time, one link at a time, one petition at a time and soon we will have what scares those in power so much.  we will have found our voice.  thank you for your time to read this  and please peace and love in your life

















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